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It’s been said for generations that a good man is hard to find. It is still as true today as when your grandmother said it. The only thing that has changed is the times. Men have different expectations of the women they date now than they did a generation ago. Women also have different expectations of men.

The one thing to remember is to not sell yourself short when looking for a man to date. Don’t take the first one who offers to spend time with you if he doesn’t “click” with you. You’ll know if he does or not, before you even get to know him on a deeper level. Remember you deserve a good man, and you can get one. Here is some good dating advice for women on finding that good man and keeping his interest once you do.

Look in the Right Places

You don’t want to date someone with whom you have nothing in common. Nothing will be more boring for you than spending an evening with a man who really loves sports when you have no interest in them at all.

It will be equally dull for you if you love history and agree to a date with a man who doesn’t know his John Adams from his John Quincy Adams. So, look for men in places where you are likely to find men who share at least some of your interests.

Stores where things are sold relating to your interests are a tried and true technique. You might even get a part-time job in one if you really want to up your chances of finding Mr. Right. You can also spend time at libraries, museums, sporting arenas (if you’re into sports), the local community theater or chorus, a volunteer or civic group, or any number of other places.

Basically go where you would normally go, and you will find the right men there. If you’re doing that and still not finding anyone suitable, online dating websites work really well at putting people together who have common interests.

Don’t Be Bossy

Men today appreciate a strong woman who knows her mind and is open about expressing her opinions. They don’t want someone who will just agree with them on everything. They respect a woman who thinks for herself and does so in front of them. What they don’t like is a woman who takes being strong and opinionated over the line into bossiness. Men like to be treated with respect just as much as you do. By all means, say what’s on your mind, and be who you are.

Men want to get to know the real you, and if they don’t like the real you, they aren’t the man for you, anyway. You’ll find someone who does like you for who you really are. But don’t boss them around and be rude and grouchy with them, especially on the first date. If you are, you probably won’t be asked on another with that man.

Don’t Monopolize the Conversation

The men you date want to hear about you, if they are the respectful type of gentleman you should be dating. They will ask you questions about yourself during your first date, and even the first few dates, to get to know you. It’s perfectly fine for you to answer their questions, and you should do so comfortably, openly, and honestly. Just don’t mistake that interest as free reign to monopolize the conversation.

Remember, you are on the date to get to know the man as much as he is there to get to know you. Ask him questions about himself in an equal amount to the questions he’s asking you.

While he may not seem like he’s interested in anything but talking to you, he would really like to be asked about himself so he can let you know what kind of man he is. If you monopolize the conversation and don’t give your date a chance to talk about himself during the date, you will come across as shallow and unpleasant to be around. You won’t be asked out on another date with him. Remember, conversation works both ways.

Offer to Pay for the Date (or at Least Your Part of It)

Most men of the caliber you want to be dating will be prepared to pay for the first date, and even the first several dates until the two of you become an official couple. They even want to do it, if they are respectful and nice. However, they don’t like it if you seem to expect them to pay for the date. If you take it as a given that they are going to pay for it, they will probably think you are self-entitled and spoiled, and not the type of woman they want to date. So, make at least a move toward your wallet when it comes time to pay for the date.

A good guy will appreciate the gesture, but will insist on paying, as he will consider it just good manners. A guy you don’t want to bother dating again will let you pay for your part of the date, and may even let you pay for the entire date. Don’t go out with that guy again, as he won’t treat you with respect and kindness. If he’s ungentlemanly on the first date, he will always be that way, and you can do better.

Dress Appropriately

Dress for whatever you and your date will be doing. Not every occasion is an appropriate one for dressing in slinky dresses and heels. In fact, your date will think you’re too high maintenance for a relationship if you insist on dressing like you’re going to prom every time you get together. Be clean, make yourself look nice, but wear the appropriate clothes for the environment. Your date will respect you for your good sense, and for being real with the way you present yourself to him.

Use this dating advice for women, and you will soon find a good man to date. Keep using it on subsequent dates, and you just might find the man of your dreams. He’s out there. These tips give you the best way of finding him and building the relationship you’ve always desired.

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