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Our Website Design is created and designed by web designer Peter Tran. He manages front end and back end editor. This includes web server and web hosting.

Our contents

All contents on this site are original. Psychic Legacy staff writers dedicate to write zero duplicate contents or keep the CopyScape lower than 10%.

We want to provide high quality articles and blog posts. We’d love to write contents that entertain you and make you happy. We hope you’ll learn something new after you visit


Psychic Legacy purchased professional images from online stock photography. We purchased images from Getty images and professional photographers around the world. We picked each image carefully because we want each image to suit each article.

We hope you enjoy fun and entertaining images as much as we do. We love browsing images and select the images we like the most.

All images are licensed and appropriate for web use. We don’t download images from Google images or social medias. We purchase each image to comply with the laws and to support photographers.


We want to offer you positive experience when you visit We’ve seen many websites that have too many ads. These ads make the websites slow and sometimes cause the websites become non responsive. Therefore, we won’t put too many ads.

Why do we put ads?

When you click on these ads, Psychic Legacy will receive a small commission from advertisers. This small income will help us pay for staff writers and web hosting service.

Disclaimer provides general information and helpful tips so you can live a happy lifestyle. We will not responsible for any lost or damage if you follow our instructions.

In general, Psychic Legacy website is for entertainment purpose only.

All images are for illustration purposes only.


You may not download images from to repost or resell on your websites. You may get into trouble with the copyright laws. If you love our images, you can buy them from online stock photography websites.

You may not copy and paste our articles and blog posts to your websites. If you do this, Psychic Legacy will ask search engines to remove duplicated contents. It’s okay to write similar articles, please keep the duplicate contents low.

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