Are you interested in talking to spirits? Those who are in the spirit world. They have a lot to say and a lot of wisdom to offer. The type of information and assistance you get depends on what type of spirit you connect to when you start talking to the spirit world.

Most spirits are benevolent and are here to teach, protect, and guide us. However, there are others that are only self-serving and want to know what you can do for them (and will try to use you), and some that are outright malevolent. By saying a prayer of protection before you begin any communication with the spirit world, you will avoid the negative elements that are residing there.

Before you work with spirits, it’s best to learn who they are and what they do.

Here are some questions about spirits that you need to know the answers to before you begin any kind of communication with them, either on your own or through a trained spiritual medium.

Who are Spirits?

Spirits are any beings who exist on the spiritual plane. This plane is very real, and is overlaid on our own, but the beings there exist at higher energetic vibrational levels than us, making them invisible to all but the most highly trained or naturally gifted people.

Even if you don’t see them, you can often still hear them. Many of them make themselves visible to you in your dreams, where the divide between this plane and theirs is thinner and easier move through.

Some examples of spiritual beings are angels and people who have died and moved on to that plane. There are other spiritual beings. Angels and human spirits are the ones you will encounter the most often when you communicate with their world.

Spirits have been around since the beginning of human history, and probably long before that, as they have been acknowledged by virtually every civilization on the planet as far back in history as we have an archaeological record. They even inspire human culture.

Many of the great ancient works of art were inspired by spirits, and this inspiration continues today with spiritually-based novels, TV shows, movies, and other works of art. The Harry Potter novels and the TV show Supernatural are examples of the spirit world inspiring human culture in the modern era.

Where Do Spirits Live?

We’ve established that they live on the spiritual plane, which exists alongside this one, just at a higher energetic vibrational level. However, different spirits inhabit different parts of this plane. Some stay near the people they loved and cared about when they were alive, as that love continues after they move to the spiritual plane.

Others stay near where they died, either because of unfinished business or sentimental reasons. Some stay near images and altars that are built to honor them, whether they are ancestors or well-known spirits.

Others don’t have a fixed place of residence, but go where they are needed, such as angels. Traveling on the spiritual plane is instant, and only takes a thought to accomplish, so spirits can go where they’re needed whenever they’re needed there.

For example, when a person dies, a soul will depart the body. A guardian spirit will come and help this soul cross over immediately. This means the human soul can go to the correct place in the afterlife, so they can reincarnate in a timely manner.

If a human soul can’t travel to the right place, the soul will get stuck in our world. This soul will become malevolent spirit. They become angry and hurt the living things. When you go to a haunted house, it’s cold and dark. That’s where the malevolent spirits live. They live there because they’re lost and lonely.

How Do You Get a Spirit’s Attention?

Some self-serving ones may be trying to get your attention. However, if you are trying to get the attention of a spirit, it is easy to do. You just pray to them or call their name out loud or silently. This invites the spirit to come into your life to assist you with whatever you need. Just remember, it is easy to let a spirit in, but a difficult process that often requires a professional to make them leave. That’s why it is important to choose the spirits you call very carefully. Angels are safe to call, but do some research on a human spirit before calling on them. Make sure they were good spirits and someone you can trust.

Remember, when you call spirits, all of them can hear you. You have to refer them by name. Some of them lie to you so they can get what they want.

Another way is to summon the spirits. You need to know the spirit’s name and the ingredients to complete the summon spell. The spirit board, candle and pendulum are tools to summon spirits. Keep in mind that it’s not safe to to do it by yourself in the first time. It requires good knowledge and practice before you cast any summoning spells. Each spirit has different needs and background. They have no sense of humor and many of them won’t come and go easily.

How to Work Successfully with Spirits?

If you have psychic abilities, you may be able to hear or even see spirits, and you can develop your abilities to work with them collaboratively. If you’re not a psychic, you can call on spirits and talk to them, then wait to see if they respond to your requests, even if you can’t hear or see them.

The best way to work with spirits is through an experienced psychic medium. The medium can deliver messages from you to the spirits, and from the spirits back to you. This makes a more collaborative working relationship between you.

Some important things to remember when you’re working with spirits, whether on your own or through a medium, include:

1. Always make your request a specific one. Ask directly for what you want, such as more money, your ideal career, your true love, a child, or anything you desire.

2. Don’t make promises to spirits, especially ones you know you will have trouble keeping. They’ll hold you to it, and may refuse to help or dole out some unpleasant reprimands if you don’t do as you said. The good news is that benevolent spirits, the ones with whom you want to work, don’t want anything from you. They get their joy out of helping you, and in the case of angels, it’s their job.

4. Don’t lie to them. They see and hear everything, and know your secrets. They’ll know if you’re lying and will be less inclined to help you because of it.

5. Think positive thoughts when you’re interacting with them. This will generate positive energy, which will assist the spirits in helping you.

Why Might a Spirit Deny Your Request?

Spirits are here to help us, but sometimes, we don’t get the thing we ask for when we call on them. There are several possible reasons for this, and they’re all for our good.

  • You made a request that is not part of your current life’s plan, or something that would ultimately cause you harm
  • You contacted the wrong spirit, who does not have the power to do as you asked
  • You used the wrong medium, such as a medium specializing in love when you wanted a spirit to assist you with money
  • You came with impure intentions, so the spirits don’t want to work with you. Come back again and ask when your intentions are pure and honorable
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