Hello. My name is Peter Tran, and I'm a web designer.

Peter Tran is a founder of psychiclegacy.com. I’m so glad you found my website, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please share with your friends on social media or word of mouth. I’d love to connect with everyone around the world.


My Background

My grandparents immigrated to the US more than 20 years ago after the Viet Nam war was ended. There was a mass immigration in 1975. Hundred of thousands Vietnamese people left Viet Nam to escape the war. A lot of people died because of hunger and ocean storm. The war has heavy casualty between Viet Nam and the US. It’s estimated 2 millions Vietnamese died and 58,000 US soldiers died.

I was born in 1988 in the south Viet Nam. I remembered watching black and white TV. There wasn’t any smartphone, social media or Internet. People traveled by motorcycle or bicycle to work and to school. My parents owned a store that sold TV and music CD.

In the picture, I was about 5 years old with my mother. The picture was taken around 1993. This picture was lost after I left Viet Nam, but my family member recovered it.

My childhood in Viet Nam wasn’t easy. I rode a bike to school everyday from grade 6 to grade 12. School started 7:00 AM and ended 12:00 PM. Additional classes were from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM weekdays. There was an “A” school and “B” school. “A” school was for rich and smart kids. “B” school was for dumb and poor kids. I was placed in “B” school.

After I completed high school and turned 18, I immigrated to the US with my parents. A new journey has started.

Life in the United States

I left everything behind to find a better life. I left my dearest friends, high school sweet heart and all the army toys I love. Maybe I will never see these fond memories again, but there is a special place in my heart for these sweet things.

In the US, I suffered a few years of depression because of culture shock and language problems. My mind was in the US, but my heart was still in Viet Nam. I was so scared of everything. I was afraid of people the most. I thought people would harm me and cheated on me because I didn’t know anything. However, I found out most people were kind to me.

The biggest problem I had and I’m still having is race. Sometimes, I don’t feel comfortable going to a place that all white people present (or other race). I feel like this country has a place for white only, black only or Asian only. Most people don’t talk about it, but I think everyone knows it. I don’t feel I belong to any groups or any communities.

After 11 years of living and learning in the US, I earned some achievements.

US Citizenship

I received US citizenship and American passport in 2016. I’m very proud of being an American. Since I can speak Vietnamese and English, I’m Asian American.

Being an American is a dream of many people outside of the US. I don’t have a big house or an expensive car like other people have in another countries. However, I have the ticket to freedom.


US college is hard. I spent a few years to learn English and studied general education. I received an Associate degree and a certificate in web design.

Web Design Career

I began to study web design in 2014. I took some online lessons from Wealthy Affiliate. My ultimate goal wasn’t making money from a website. I prefer to achieve my deepest desire. I want to do something that fit my lifestyle. I like to make things better, design things for people and create a connection between one person to another person in different places.

I enrolled college and took a lot of web design classes since 2015. The online lessons are very useful, but I didn’t learn how to create a website from scratch.

Going to college helps me become a certified web designer or web programmer. Here are my skills:

  • Develop structure of a website by HTML
  • Create custom color of a web page by CSS
  • Make website responsive in desktop, laptop, ipad, Apple iPhone and Android phones, presentation by Bootstrap
  • Create online store by Woo Commerce and Shopify
  • Select WordPress theme and install or customize the theme
  • Select WordPress plugins and install the plugins
  • SEO business strategies
  • Online Advertising
  • Fix website errors

Web design is a trending career. Hundred or thousands of websites are created everyday. Thanks to Google, the biggest search engine organizes all the information of websites.

People read news, purchase products and services every second on the Internet from anywhere.

As a web designer, I want to create websites for you, not for me. Before I post something on my website, I review it carefully. I want you to find the information fast and easy.

Why Psychic Legacy website?

I create and design Psychic Legacy website, but I’m not a psychic. I don’t have the abilities to see the future or to talk to invisible people. I want to create a “fantasy world” that all impossible things become possible. If you’ve seen Peter Pan movies or Harry Potter, you’ll know magic only exists in your imagination. Psychic Legacy is very similar to Never Land, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If you travel to Psychic Legacy website, you can fly, stay young forever and all your wishes come true.

In my imagination, I’m living in a fantasy world. I’m a kid, and I have a magic wand. I’m playing army men toys and robot with other kids. In my world, there are a lot of laughter, and the fun is never end.

When I created Psychic Legacy, I was inspired by many authors and creative projects such as:

My favorite super heroes are Spiderman and Captain America.

The Future of Psychic Legacy

My short term goal is to add more articles. I instruct my writer to write all posts. I select images and create the layout of each page and post.

My long term goal is to hire psychics to take phone call. I will create some psychic listings. Each listing has the psychic contact information and relevant details about the psychic.

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