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We use internal links and external links in our website. We select and review links carefully. We want to give you the right information, so we send you to the right place for your research.

For internal links, we link our contents within Psychic Legacy website. Internal links take you to another web page in

For external links, we link our contents outside of Psychic Legacy website. External links take you to another websites.

Please note that we are not responsible for any lost or damage when you click “external links” because of 3 reasons:

We do not create the contents of another websites

We do not change the contents of another websites

We do not update the contents of another websites

We encourage you to contact the staff members of the websites you are visiting for up to date information.

Our Articles and Blog Posts

We research the information carefully before we post on our website. However, we do not guarantee that our information is 100% accurate. We may change and update our contents to keep our website up to date.

In addition, we don’t participate the following activities online:

We do not engage in religious instructions ,and we do not conduct any worship services

Psychic Legacy is a spiritual website. We focus on helping you to have a healthy body, mind and wellness. In order words, we promote spiritual health. Spiritual health connects yourself to your physical, emotional and social life.

Psychic Legacy is NOT a religious website. We do not organize any groups online and local to participate any worship services.

Our articles and blog posts provide general information only. Please consult with professionals and certified staff such as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists for professional advice.

Age Requirement

Psychic Legacy website is open and accessible by everyone.

If you want to purchase Psychic Legacy products or services, you need to have a debit or credit card to submit payments. Your bank card are issued by financial institution. Please contact your bank for minimum age requirements to open a bank account.

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