Men Dating

Men Dating

It can be difficult to meet the right woman, and even more difficult to keep her interest once you do. Dating is a fine art, and it has changed with the times, as the desires, needs, and expectations of women have changed. What worked in the dating world for your grandfather will not be effective in keeping the interest of most women today, unless they are very old fashioned.

Even the dating advice for men of 20 years ago is outdated, though you may find some older adult women who respond to it.

If you’re a young man in college or just out of it, in your early 20’s to mid-30’s, and looking for that perfect woman who will be your mate for life? What do you do to capture and keep the interest of today’s women of your age range?

If you’re a young man looking for dating advice for the modern age, here are some tips that work. Ignore them and find yourself alone. Use them, and find the woman of your dreams (and get her to love you back).

Be on Social Media

Most women are going to check up on you before going out on a date with you. They want to get an idea of what kind of person you are before they go off alone with you. Seeing if you share any interests, if she likes how your personality comes across online, checking into who your other friends are and what they do, as well as making sure you are not a psycho are all things a woman will be looking for when she looks you up on social media.

Social media is so much a part of the modern world that a woman may look at you suspiciously if you’re young and are not on it. She will also regard you as untrustworthy and potentially crazy if you are on social media, but won’t let her friend you or see your account. Be on social media (at least on Facebook, but if you can get on Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube, too, it’s even better), be open with your accounts with your potential date, and she’ll trust you a lot more.

Dress Well, but don’t be pretentious

If you’re just going to hang out at one of your apartments, or if you’re going to do some outdoor activity, you can dress more casually, but keep it as classy as possible for the circumstances. Don’t dress like a hobo, no matter what you’re doing together.

Since most first dates take place in a public location, you should dress nicely, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to come across as a snob. Be clean, have nice clothes on that match and are suitable for your activity on your date, and your date will not only not be embarrassed to be seen with you, she may actually like you, too.

Don’t Talk Down to Her

There’s not a single woman in America who appreciates being spoken to as if she were stupid, or a child. You may be very well educated, but chances are, if you are well educated, so is your date. You are both going to want to date people with similar levels of education so you can talk to each other on equal levels. If you had different college majors, don’t bore her with details of all you know in that field. If you make her feel like you don’t think she’s smart, she won’t want to see you again.

Talk about things you can both relate to, such as music, television, hobbies, family, and any other neutral subject. At the same time, avoid topics like politics and religion on your first date.

These can be contentious topics, and you want to get to know her better, to make sure you have the same or similar beliefs in this area, before you become serious with her. If you do discover you feel differently about important topics and still want to date each other, never try to lecture her as to why she should change to your point of view. You’ll soon find yourself alone again if you do.

Pay for the first date (at a minimum)

Though we live in a world of equality, some things are still expected as part of the general courting ritual. Paying for the first date is one of them. It isn’t out of line to pay for the first three or four dates as you get to know each other. While a woman may bring her money and offer to pay, insist on taking care of the check yourself during these early dates.

Nothing turns a woman off like a man who expects her to pay for the first date, or even to pay for her part. This is ungentlemanly behavior. Once you’ve become a couple, if she wants to pay once in a while, that’s okay, but make sure you pay for the dates in the beginning.

Treat Her Like a Gentleman Without Being Condescending

Women want to be treated nicely and with respect. Ask if she’s having a good time. Ask if she needs anything. If she looks cold, ask her if she is, and offer her your jacket if she says yes. Walk on the outside edge of the sidewalk to shield her from potential road hazards, rain, muggers, and other pedestrians.

Ask her questions about herself and don’t talk too much about yourself unless she asks. Put away your phone on your date and give your whole attention to her. Do these things without treating her as a child, or as helpless, or anything else that is condescending. Basically, treat her with respect and courtesy. She’ll appreciate it, and you will stand out above the other men she’s dated in the past.

These are the basics of impressing a woman you’re just getting to know in today’s modern dating world. If you follow this dating advice for men, you will find the woman of your dreams more quickly than you imagined, and she will genuinely like you back. Showing you’re a gentleman with no secrets who treats your date as an equal are the key things. They will impress any women, and make you a real catch who the women you know will all want to date.

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