What is magic? There are two different types of magic.

First, magic is for entertainment, which is purely the creation of illusions, and does not involve the spiritual world at all.

They’re magicians. They perform magic show in the movies, TV shows and live shows. One of the best magicians in the US is David Copperfield. As a solo entertainer, he performs magic shows in many countries and won 21 Emmy Awards.

Then, magic is for spell casters. This magic is used for religious or other, personal purposes, and that magic does involve the spiritual world. This second type of magic is a source of power. It is not a religion, though some religions, like Wicca, incorporate magic into their religious practices. Real magic can be practiced outside of a religious setting, though.

Spell casters use magic to exchange energy between our world and the universe. The goal is to satisfy burning desires and fulfill deepest wishes. For example, someone can cast a love spell to bring lovers back. These spells have instructions and ingredients. They’ve been here for mankind for a long time and waiting for someone to cast these spells.

This is why anyone can use real magic if they have the manuals available to teach them how to perform it. This type of magic predates people, and has been around on the Earth since its beginning, and is also part of the fabric of the rest of the universe. It is a power anyone can tap into if they have the right knowledge and practice it until they perfect the art.

History of Magic

The author Zora Neale Hurston said, “Magic is older than writing, so nobody knows how it started.” People aren’t sure how writing started, either. The humans on Earth just figured out how to do it, which is probably how they figured out how to use magic, too.

Both writing and magic have been practiced since the most ancient of times, though it is likely magic was practiced long before writing was invented.

Since magic, real magic, is part of the fabric of the universe, it is entirely likely and even probable that it is available to beings on other planets in the universe, too. There is no reason to think it is limited to use only on Earth.

Magic has changed dramatically from what it was in past centuries to what it is today. In the past, magic was more of a serious thing, with practitioners believed they could genuinely change the world around them with their magic spells and incantations. It was an accepted part of life and an actual profession in some very ancient societies. These were mostly societies that practiced polytheistic religion.

Societies that practiced monotheistic religion were often far less accepting of magicians. Some other nations had laws against it for various reasons, even if they worshiped many Gods. In these societies, magicians were referred to as witches and warlocks. Their practice was dangerous, as it was illegal. This meant they could be arrested, imprisoned, and often executed if they were caught practicing magic.

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans were notorious practitioners of genuine magic. The Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece was said to derive her powers from magic spells. Ancient Egyptians had court magicians who did spells for the Pharaoh, to keep him safe, to bring an heir to the kingdom, to give the Egyptian army victories in battle, and to provide abundant crops, among other things.

There were similar magical practices conducted for similar reasons in ancient Rome. Other ancient societies practiced magic, but these societies are some of the bigger, better knows societies that used it as a regular part of their lives, at all class levels.

When Christianity arose, they took a bad view of those who practiced magic. They believed magic practitioners to be evil, and when Christians became powerful and began to control nations, they sought out magic practitioners, such as witches, and often killed them in horrific ways.

Even if they were allowed to live, as a famous 15th century case with a powerful duchess in England illustrates, they were severely punished.

This duchess was divorced by her husband, stripped of her title, made to do humiliating public penance, and then imprisoned on a nearby island for the rest of her life, all for using a fertility spell to give her husband an heir. Her name was Eleanor Cobham. Compared to other magic practitioners of the day in countries where Christians ruled, she was lucky.

The early Christians used the Bible as an excuse to kill those who practiced magic (or “witchcraft,” as they usually called it). This continued in Europe and the American colonies into the late 1700’s. It still continues in some more primitive societies, where witches and magicians are considered responsible for all kinds of bad things that happen in those communities.

However, times have changed, and today, most magicians can practice with impunity. This is true whether they are doing it as legitimate magical practice, such as in the case of Wiccans, or if they are doing magic for entertainment. People today know the Wiccans have freedom of religion and magic is part of their religion. They also know that the magicians who put on shows are not really tapping into supernatural forces; they are performing illusions to entertain their audiences.

We do not have any concerns about “dark magic” or “pure magic” in our world today, as religion does not rule our nations. Rather, we are a nation of civil laws, so the practice of magic, though it is frowned on by some religious people, is allowed by anyone who wants to do it. Everyone has rights to practice magic and choose religions. This is our basic human rights of freedom.

You can even find books and websites on how to perform magic tricks, and can talk about the subject openly without wondering if a nosy neighbor will turn you in for interrogation and possible execution for dabbling in the “dark arts.” This is also true of people who sell magical supplies for Wiccans and other New Age practitioners. Some religions still do not approve of these things, but they are perfectly legal to practice.

Are magical practitioners and psychics the same?

No. Psychics have genuine abilities to contact the spirit world, read minds, sense energies, see auras, and other aspects of the spiritual world. Even people who read Tarot cards or runes aren’t necessarily psychic. They just know how to read the results of their work and psychic abilities help them get more accurate readings.

You can also learn to cast magic spells without having psychic abilities. All you have to do is read manuals on the subject, gather the appropriate ingredients, and do the spell. Your use of the spell allows you to tap into the magical forces behind it whether or not you are actually psychic. If you simply want to be a magician for entertainment, there are manuals to teach you that art, too.

If you do start to practice genuine magic,  not entertainment magic, you will likely begin to develop some psychic abilities on your own, simply through the practice. Genuine magic does involve the spiritual world to some extent, with some spells using it more than others. The more you work with the spiritual world, the more your natural talent psychic abilities.

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