Candles have been used in spiritual practice since ancient times. There is clear evidence of them being used for such practice by the ancient Egyptians, and they were probably used by even older cultures to get in touch with the spirits and make sure their prayers got to the appropriate beings in the spirit realm.

We even use candles for spiritual purposes today in common ceremonies of all kinds, such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, holidays, and more.

Candles play an important role in the lives of even non-magic practitioners whether they know it or not.

There are two important things to consider when working with candles. One is the intention. You must never use a candle for magical purposes with negative intentions, as the negative intentions could come back on you or someone you love (if they were part of the reason you lit the candle), or could offend the spirits so they don’t wish to help you. Most spirits only want to help you do things for good purposes.

The second thing to consider when using candles is their color. Different colors have different spiritual properties, so selecting the appropriate color for your purpose will greatly facilitate your communication with the proper spirits and give them the correct energy needed to assist you in the way you desire.

When communicating with spirits using candles, remember these colors and their purposes in spiritual communication:


Yellow is a color that represents wisdom, creativity, inspiration, learning, confidence, action, honor, and attraction. If you need spiritual assistance in any of these areas, light a yellow candle to talk to the spirits. A yellow candle can be good for helping you with anything from retaining information better when you study to improving your mood, strengthening your imagination, and gaining the trust of someone you want to convince to do something for you.


White represents spiritual enlightenment and cleansing, improved clairvoyance, healing, purity, innocence, protection, clarity, unity, and truth. It is an excellent candle to use when cleansing yourself spiritually, bringing peace to volatile situations, healing emotions, seeking protection, repelling negativity, and revealing the truth. Also, because white is a neutral color, it can be used in place of any other candle color and have the same effect as the colored candle, as long as you put the right intention and request(s) with it.


Lavender represents selflessness, compassion, inspiration, understanding, inner calm, a connection with your higher self, a more spiritually attuned consciousness, and stronger psychic energy. It also attracts angels, and is the candle color you should use when you want to make contact with your angels to ask them for assistance or guidance in anything.


Red represents all the things to do with passion, desire, sex, love, fertility, strength, magnetism, physical strength, courage, energy, and willpower. If you need to improve in any of these areas, the red candle will bring the appropriate spirits to you and let them know, along with your intention and request(s) just what to do for you, and in the best possible way.


Green is an all-purpose attraction color. It can be used to attract anything you like. It is especially useful in attracting money, luck, animals, and wisdom. If you need to heal a pet, use a green candle in conjunction with a blue candle, which blends the attraction of healing with the healing power for animals.


Pink is the color of femininity. It also represents unconditional love, spiritual love without sex, romance, caring, tenderness, devotion, emotional healing, and the raising of energetic vibrations for better spiritual communication and earthly power. This is an excellent candle color for attracting, enhancing, and strengthening friendships of all kinds.


This is a powerful healing color, and is good for use in healing work of all kinds. It is also associated with success in business, good communication with other people, harmony, truth, happiness, cooling of energies that need it, contentment, understanding, patience, loyalty, and weight loss. If you are doing meditation, this is the ideal color to use for it.


Orange candles facilitate the cleansing of negative attitudes. They also dispel negative energy from situations and places. It attracts many good things, like success in your goals and career, stronger personal power, better luck, prosperity, emotional healing, courage, more friends, better ambition, greater enthusiasm, and warming cool energies when needed. If you want to remember your dreams better, or try astral projection, the orange candle will attract the spirits needed to help you do it safely and successfully.


This is a balancing color. It will show the spirits you need to bring balance to any area of your life. You just need to tell them which area, and let them do their work in creating it for you, or helping you create it. Brown will also bring material prosperity, a happier home, better friendships, stronger intuition, better psychic powers, and will help you find lost items. It is also a good candle color for protecting your pets.


A black candle is perfect for dissolving any negative energies around you or in the space in which you reside. It is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than smudging in this regard. It offers you protection, and it can reverse bad magic, banish bad entities away from you and/or your loved ones, destroy evil and negativity, and can break hexes with ease. It is also a good candle to use for healing the strongest illnesses. A black candle can sweep away the bad things in your life and protect you from them coming back, leaving room only for good things to come to you and your loved ones.


A purple candle should be used along with a white candle to maximize its powers and achieve the best results. When used with a white candle, a purple candle can neutralize bad karma and ego issues. It also brings ancient wisdom, opens the third eye, assists in meditation, increases spirituality and confidence, brings success, reveals hidden knowledge, and brings protection. It is the ideal candle to use when you want to enhance your psychic abilities, contact the spirit world directly, or attract the energy of the angels.

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