Who is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium is someone who has many talents in connecting with the spiritual world. Individual practitioners may go by many different names, including spiritual medium, fortune teller, intuitive medium, spiritual reader, and other similar things. However, they are all psychic mediums. They specialize in talking to those in the spirit world. However, that is not all a true psychic medium can do.

Psychic Medium: The Essential Difference

All psychics are also mediums, but not all mediums are psychics. This is an important distinction, because a psychic can perform all of the spiritually based services you may like, but a straight medium is more limited in what they can do for you.

While everyone has the inherent ability to be a psychic medium, some people are more attuned to the psychic side, while others are more attuned to the medium side, and have chosen to pursue the areas in which they have the most inherent talent.

Psychics can read someone’s past, present, and future. They can do this by simply being near that person and their energy field. They can also do it by holding their hand to get a better feel for their psychic energy.

If the person getting the reading is not physically present with the psychic, the psychic can usually sense the person’s energy remotely over the phone, through their voice, or by touching something that belongs to the person getting the reading. The sensing of the energy gives the psychic intuitive feelings about the subject of the reading, and may even get actual visions about things in their past, present, and future.

Mediums don’t read the past, present, or future of a client on their own. They get this information from the spirits surrounding their clients. Mediums are able to tap directly into the spirit world and communicate with spirit beings. Spirit beings who know the client will be able to provide the information the medium needs to convey to the client.

The medium also acts as a conduit through which personal communication can be exchanged between the spirit beings and the clients, which often puts clients into communication with loved ones who have crossed over to the spirit realm. Psychics can do this, too, but mediums do it exclusively.

Most mediums are clairaudients, and receive their information from the spirit world through voice communication. Some mediums, however, may be clairvoyants, who see what the spirits are doing and are able to convey messages based on the movements and actions of the spirits.

Other mediums are clairsentients, who receive their communication from the spirits in the form of intuitive feelings sent to them by the spirits. Some mediums can communicate with spirits in all three ways. However, the vast majority of mediums are clairaudients and use that form of communication with the spirit world.

A psychic medium does all the things psychics and mediums do. They are all-purpose conveyors of spiritual and energetic messages. They know how to tap into the world just beyond what most people can easily see and hear, and can provide invaluable information.

They are also excellent people to have on your side as long-term practitioners. The psychic medium is someone you may want to visit or call often, as a regular client, rather than just getting a one-time or occasional reading from them, as they are the jack-of-all-trades of the spiritual professions.

Developing Your Psychic Medium Abilities

Everyone is born with inherent psychic and mediumship abilities. The only difference between you and someone who is a professional psychic medium is that they were probably born with a more inherent connection to these abilities that allows them to access them naturally. Other professional psychic mediums have gone through training to enhance their own natural abilities in order to be proficient enough with these abilities to accurately use them for clients.

If you don’t have the natural born ability to tap into your powers, you can always learn to. These powers are available to anyone who cares to learn to access them.

The best way to learn to be a psychic medium and develop your own natural abilities in it is to take a class. During the class, a professional psychic medium will guide you through exercises designed to allow you to tap into the energetic and spirit world around you, using your own natural gifts and abilities. You may feel like you are stronger in being a psychic or being a medium, and you can certainly specialize.

If you keep practicing, you can learn to be proficient in both of these arts. You will likely practice your abilities on your instructor or on other members of your class. Classes can be in person or online, and both are equally effective at teaching you to be a good psychic medium.

You can also work on being a psychic medium on your own. There are books on the subject, and following along with any of them will be beneficial to you. The most important part of teaching yourself to be a psychic medium is to meditate. You will be meditating on your feelings and intuitive insights into the energy and spirits around you. Just let your insights come to you as they will.

Whether you’re using yourself as your test subject, or someone else, you can test your insights for accuracy. The more you work on getting these insights and testing them, the more you will be able to tell a real reading or message from something that your imagination invented.

After practicing this for a while (the amount of time you need to practice to be proficient and accurate is different for every person), you will be a professional psychic medium and ready to do readings for your family and friends, or take clients who are previously unknown to you.

What to do when you have a psychic medium reading

You may decide that all of the practice required to be a proficient psychic medium isn’t for you, and you would just prefer to be read by someone who already has the abilities mastered. Just go visit a reputable one in person, or call one on the phone. The key is to find someone who has a good reputation in the psychic reading community, and to not give any information away about yourself when you are there.

All the psychic medium needs to know is your name. Some mediums may ask you to bring an object of significance to you to the reading so they can hold it, while a phone medium may ask you to hold the item during the reading. However, this should be the only information about yourself you should provide, and not all psychic mediums will need it. Once you get started, just sit back and enjoy the insights and important messages your reading will bring you.

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