Who is a clairvoyant?

A clairvoyant is someone who has the ability to “see” information about people, places, and things at a distance, and they can see things before it happens. The term clairvoyant literally means “one who sees clearly.”

Most clairvoyants are divided into three categories.

1. Precognitives

These are clairvoyants who can predict things that will happen in the future. They get visions in their minds of what will happen to a person, place and thing. Sometimes, these visions come to them on their own, while other times, the clairvoyant can draw the visions to them by touching the person in question, or something belonging to them, or by meditating on a particular object or location.

2. Retrocognitives

These are clairvoyants who can see into the past. They may tell you things that happened in your past that only you would know in order to prove their abilities to you. Then, they can reveal secrets from the past for other people, places, and things that you want to know. Learning these secrets from the past can be quite helpful in improving someone’s life in a number of ways.

3. Remote Viewer

These are clairvoyants who can see things that are happening right now, but in a far away location or in other dimensions that those without this ability cannot see.

Proof of Clairvoyance

There have been scientific studies done into clairvoyance, particularly in remote viewing. The government has shown a large interest in remote viewing in the past, as it could prove useful in gathering intelligence on other countries without having to send spies physically to those locations, which can put them in danger.

Some very famous remote viewing experiments took place during the Cold War both in America and in the Soviet Union.

These government experiments into clairvoyance have shown that some people do, indeed, seem to have this ability. Many of the subjects of the experiments were able to see things that were a long way away, and which they would otherwise have no knowledge of were it not for remote viewing.

Retrocognitives are sometimes used by police departments. While they are simply called psychics, these people are actually looking into the past. When retrocognitives are brought onto police investigations, it is usually to find someone who is missing, whether that person is still living, or not.

There have been many famous police investigations that utilized retrocognitives, who were able to see into the past and reveal what happened to the missing person. Often, they were even able to lead police to that person’s location by looking into their past.

Police departments all across the United States, as well as in some other Western nations, have made notable and productive use of retrocognitives.

While the government and scientific agency never reveal clairvoyance proof in the public, the military and the police have used clairvoyance psychics for years in secret missions.

Clairvoyance psychics can see people clearly from a far distance, reveal secret locations oversea and predict the future. When our technology can’t explain the unexplained, that’s when clairvoyants step in and do their work.

Clairvoyance is the strongest power that a person can acquire. It allows a person can see what others can’t see. Many clairvoyants can see spirits, ghosts, angels and demons.

Clairvoyants don’t use physical eyes to see invisible beings. They use the third eye. This third eye is located in the forehead. The third eye receives strong visions when clairvoyants sleep.

When you sleep, you see many things. Some events are very scary. These events sometimes come true after you awake. You should pay attention to these visions. They could be warning signs. These signs can help you avoid dangers.

Developing Your Own Clairvoyance Abilities

Everyone is born with some psychic abilities. Some are naturally able to access these abilities with greater ease than others. Yet, we all have the ability to do it. If you find that clairvoyance doesn’t come naturally to you, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it within you. You do. It also doesn’t mean you won’t be able to develop your hidden ability. You will if you practice.

You can take a class in developing your clairvoyant abilities. You can also work on it on your own by looking inward with a quiet mind and letting images come to you. You can try it with or without touching an object that belongs to the person you’re trying to read.

The important thing is to practice with regularity and with or without objects. Let the images come to you as they will. Don’t try to control them. The ones that come to you on their own are usually the authentic ones. They may be fleeting, or confusing, at first.

When you practice bringing this natural ability forward, you will be able to explore what you see and determine what it is telling you. You will also discover if you have a natural strength in precognition, retrocognition, or remote viewing, or if you are equally skilled in all of them, as are many clairvoyants.

What can a clairvoyant do for you?

If you do not have clairvoyant abilities yourself, you can go to a clairvoyant to get important information and advice. While everyone has some natural clairvoyant abilities, not everyone is in touch with them or knows how to access them.

The skill can be taught, but most people to whom it doesn’t come easily prefer to go to those who have well-developed abilities to get the information the want and need.

When you go to a clairvoyant, be sure you know what type of information you want, so you can select the one who can give you the answers you need. Many clairvoyants are adept in all three categories of the ability, but you want to make sure first.

A precognitive is the one you want to visit or talk to on the phone if you desire information about your future or someone else’s future, or even the future of your city, town, or nation. These are the people who are the traditional “fortune tellers,” as fortune telling is actually what they do.

Retrocognitives can reveal family secrets, tell you what happened to someone who disappeared, and let you know if someone is plotting against you or cheating on you. This knowledge can be quite beneficial by letting you know what is really going on, which gives you the opportunity to decide on the best options for you to follow in regards to the information given to you.

Remote viewers can let you know where to find lost objects, what other people are doing right now, and if danger is coming your way from an outside source. This gives you information you need to find your valuable items and keep you and your loved ones safe by acting before the danger reaches you.

Any of these types of clairvoyance are valuable to most any person. If you have a question about the past, present, or future, and you don’t know the answer, a clairvoyant can give it to you. Find a reputable one in your local area or one who does phone appointments and get all the answers you seek.

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