What is Clairsentience and how can it benefit you?

There are several different types of metaphysical senses, and clairsentience is one of them. The other types of metaphysical feelings are clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance.

The metaphysical senses are similar to your five physical senses, except they are more ethereal and less concrete in nature.

Everyone has these senses, though some are born with a better ability to access them naturally than others. Anyone can be taught to access these senses with practice. As far as the metaphysical senses go, clairsenntience concentrates on personal feelings of a physical or emotional nature, or both.

Clairsentience is also referred to “clear feeling” and it’s a sign of divine guidance from the spirit world, the energy of the universe or the Creator.

How Can You Tell if You Have Natural Access to Your Clairsentience Abilities

If you’ve ever wondered if you have natural access to your clairsentience abilities, it’s simple to discern. You may have had an emotional or physical sensation wash over you that seems to come from outside of yourself, and maybe even from far away. It has nothing to do with how you are currently feeling yourself.

It is literally like you are feeling what someone else is experiencing. It can be disconcerting if you’ve never experienced it before or if you don’t know what it is. However, this is an example of clairsentience. Once you know what it is, you can begin to work with it.

An example of a clairsentient experience is if you are on one side of the house and your spouse is on the other side. Maybe you haven’t spoken in hours, as you are each busy doing your own things. Yet, without talking to your spouse, you sense he or she is mad, in a bad mood, in pain, ill, or even extraordinarily happy.

You go to their side of the house to talk to them, and your feelings about their physical or emotional state are true. That is clairsentience.

You can experience it from even farther away from someone than inside your house, too. If you are really sensitive as a clairsentience, you can often sense these things from miles away, and even from around the world.

By sensing what people are going through before you approach them, you know the correct way to approach them and talk to them. It even gives you the opportunity to put up the correct energy or psychic shields around you so their experience doesn’t affect you.

Many clairsentient people can be vulnerable to having their energy drained, or even to having the experience of the other person rub off on them, which will not be pleasant for them unless the other person is having a truly amazingly happy experience. Learning to shield and guard yourself from the negative things is an important part of being a clairsentient.

The Different Types of Clairsentience

There are different sub-types of clairsentience. While you may be a general clairsentience, you may also be more adept at one or more of the sub-specialties. One important thing to remember is that sometimes the feelings you get come from other people, and sometimes they come from the universe as messages to you.

Learning to distinguish what type of feelings you are getting and whether it is from another person or from the universe is important in perfecting your clairsentience skills.

As an example, physical or emotional sensations that come to you from the universe may be warnings to you that you should change your career or life path, your travel plans, or a particular action you are planning. These messages can be quite useful to you, and can even keep you safe.

If the feelings come from someone else, you will be able to use the information to assist them in being safe and getting what they need to be happy and healthy, or to make your interactions with them more productive and positive.

These are three different types of clairsentience


You’re probably already familiar with the term “empathy.” It means you can sense or feel the emotions of other people. It’s more than an ability to put yourself in their shoes and relate to them. You actually feel what they feel by tuning in to them.

This ability makes you very compassionate, and allows you to be of use to people in a very personal way. Many empaths are also sensitive to the physical sensations of the emotions of other people, and this makes them excellent energy healers, such as Reiki practitioners or massage therapists.

If you are an empath, you just need to understand how to separate yourself from their feelings once you’re done reading them, so their problems and issues don’t become yours and drag you down. Learning some emotional and energetic field clearing techniques are useful when doing empathic readings.

Fragrance Sentience

Smells have their own energy, and can linger long after a person vacates a space. Fragrances associated with them can stay behind for a long time, but after a while, only people with fragrance sentience notice them.

While this ability can be associated with sensing a person who is still living was once in a space, it is more often associated with sensing the presence of the spirit of someone who has departed the physical realm.

Spirits know what fragrances their loved ones associate with them, and bring those energetic frequencies with them when they visit. If you smell something associated with a departed loved one, especially in a place you believe or know they never were, then you know that person’s spirit is there, visiting you, and letting you know they are with you. These spirit visitations are usually ones of a loving and gentle variety.


If you have the gift of psychometry, you are able to touch objects and learn something about the people those objects belonged to. The objects usually maintain the energetic frequency of their former (or sometimes current) owners, and you can tune into this energy to learn about the owner’s personality, as well as things they were doing when they were holding the object in the past.

Professional Clairsentients and What They Can Do For You

If you desire the information a clairsentient can give you, and you don’t have the natural ability to access the sense yourself (and don’t want to take the time to learn), you can visit or call one. A clairsentient can give you all of the information described above, even from a distance.

If you want a psychometric reading and are doing it over the phone, you may need to send the object you want ahead of time, or be holding it yourself during the call. As you can see, clairsentience is a valuable metaphysical sense, and talking to a professional one can provide you with all kinds of useful insights about yourself and others.

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