There are a number of different psychic powers. We all have the ability to use all of them to some degree. However, some people are born with a stronger ability to use some powers than others, or they work on developing those power and become highly skilled in them.

One of the psychic powers available to us all is clairaudience. A clairaudient person receives psychic information through hearing, either with their inner, spiritual hearing or through their outer, physical hearing. You can hear a lot of things with clairaudience, but usually it is voices.

Yes, hearing voices. This doesn’t mean you are crazy. Crazy people don’t know they are crazy, so if you are questioning your sanity, you are probably perfectly sane.

The vast majority of psychics you may go to see are clairaudient, and receive their information from the spirit world via hearing it. People have demonstrated clairaudient powers throughout history, in fact, and they weren’t all professional psychics.

For example, Joan of Arc was likely a clairaudient. She received voices that were seemingly from another plane that led her and her French army to win against the English on more than one occasion during the Hundred Years’ War.

Who is a Clairaudient?

Clairaudients can hear voices from all levels of the astral plane. This means they are hearing voices from all types of spirits.

Trained and experienced clairaudients can tell the difference between a spirit from a lower astral plane that is just messing with them for amusement or trying to freak them out by telling them negative things and a spirit from a higher plane or one of their spirit or angel guides.

When you’re hearing voices, you need to pay close attention and recognize where they’re coming from. Many spirits are talking to you at the same time. These voices could be from your ancestors, family members or angels. Ask their names before you communicate with them.

Someone is whispering to you. Can you hear?

The voices of higher plane spirits or personal guides will only tell us things that are good and make us feel comforted, even if they are conveying information about things that we should avoid doing, or other warnings; these things are meant to be helpful and guide us, and will be conveyed in a gentle, comforting, and loving way.

It is because our true angels and spirit guides only tell us things to lead us to things that will benefit us. Higher spirits would not guide someone to hurt others, as in a war, or lead them to do things that would ultimately harm them, unless it was part of their spiritual plan for this life made before birth, and meant to be for their spirit’s higher good.

In addition, true spirit guides that have our best interests in mind never order us to do anything. They suggest. We all have free will to make our own decisions, and that is inviolable. The higher spirits know this.  They do not tell us what to do, but suggest what we should do for our own higher good.

You may experience clairaudience at times yourself, since we all have this ability. You will usually experience it when you are just falling asleep, as we enter the astral plane most nights when we are sleeping.

The period between awake and asleep is when we are the most open to receiving messages from the astral world. Most of the time, all you will hear is noise in the form of a cacophony of indistinguishable voices from the various levels of the astral plane.

Sometimes, you may hear distinct voices. If you are very lucky or very experienced with using this ability, you may be able to tune in to the comforting and loving, guiding voices of your angels and spirit guides and get real direction from them.

It can be disconcerting the first time it happens, but once you know what it is and that the voices are either harmless or benevolent, you can begin to enjoy the experience and learn from it.

What to Expect from a Psychic Reading from a Clairaudient

If you go to a clairaudient psychic, he or she will usually receive messages related to you from their own angels and/or spirit guides. They then convey that information to you.

The clairaudient can actually get in touch with their guides at will, and ask them questions you want or need answered.

You won’t hear anything when the answers come in, since the clairaudient is hearing these answers in their heads, and having a discussion with the entities with whom they are communicating.

There will usually be a period of silence as you wait for the clairaudient psychic to get in touch with their angels and/or guides, ask the questions, get the answers, and relay them to you.

Generally, you must be quiet while this communication is going on, so the clairaudient can focus all of his or her attention on the conversation they are having with their guides and get all the pertinent information you need to receive.

A genuine clairaudient will never tell you anything that will upset you or make you feel unsafe, because they will be communicating only with benevolent entities.

If you hear anything bad from a clairaudiennt psychic, then that psychic is either not genuine, or does have the ability but not the control necessary to talk to the correct, higher level guides that only have your highest good in mind when they speak.

What are the Best Reasons to Use a Clairaudient Psychic?

There are a variety of reasons to use a clairaudient psychic. Getting answers to questions involving your life is the main one. You can ask about anything, including getting information on your health, advice on how you should handle jobs and relationships, and guidance on what direction you should follow in your life or on the decisions you need to make.

You can also go to a clairaudient psychic to get messages from your departed loved ones. These messages will either be conveyed directly by your loved ones to the psychic, or given to the psychic through the psychic’s guides.

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