Seven Archangels

It’s a very long time ago since the beginning of our world. God created the universe and the stars. Then, he created seven archangels to protect his work. They follow God’s commands and make sure everything follows the will of God.

When God gives an order, they will pass his orders from the highest rank angels to the lowest. They guard the paths to the Garden of Eden. Warriors protect God’s laws and praise him.

There are nine levels of celestial choirs, each one getting closer to God. These choir levels are from highest to lowest.

  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim
  • Thrones
  • Dominations
  • Powers
  • Virtues
  • Principalities
  • Archangels
  • Angels

We don’t hear too much about the higher levels of choirs, because they work closer to God, and have other roles in the universe rather than working directly with humans. We may interact with them once in a while, but only in rare circumstances.

We most commonly interact with the two lowest levels of choirs, the angels and archangels. These beings are here specifically to assist us and guard over us in our lives. They are our heavenly friends and protectors.

The celestial choir of angels is divided into seven groups, and each group has an archangel in charge. Angels have different purposes. There are angels to help in nearly every area of our lives. We can talk directly to our angels and they will help us in the way we ask.

We can also become good friends with them, especially our personal angels, such as guardian angels and others who work very near us all the time. We all have our team of personal angels.

We can also talk to the archangels. In fact, sometimes it is better to talk to the archangels, such as for things that are complex and difficult to accomplish. Such things would need an archangel’s intervention, as they can do some things the regular angels cannot do.

Here are the seven archangels and what they do, so you know who to call on when you need their assistance or guidance. Take note that each archangel’s name ends in “el,” which means “the Lord,” as they were created by God to facilitate His work among humans.

Archangel Michael

Michael is the leader of all the archangels. This makes him the overall leader of the angels, as well. Angels may answer to their group captain, but their group captain answers to Michael, and so, ultimately, do all the angels.

Michael is an archangel of protection, and the colors associated with him are red, silver and blue. When you pray to Michael, say these words and he will offer you protection.

Michael to the right of me

Michael to the left of me

Michael above me

Michael below me

Michael within me

Michael all around me

Michael, with your flaming sword

of cobalt blue, please protect me

He is the one to call on when you need protection from accidents, crime, bad people, or evil of any kind, including any evil entities.

Ask Michael and he will protect you. He is very strong and is God’s best known warrior.

You can also tell him about the problems you’re having. Ask him for help or show you the way to achieve what you want.


If anyone knows the name of an archangel, it is likely Gabriel. He is a part of popular culture for humans going back thousands of years, and his name, along with Michael’s, is still a popular one for humans to name their children.

Christians believe that Gabriel delivered the news of her virgin pregnancy to Mary, mother of Jesus, while Muslims believe he dictated the Koran to Mohammed. Gabriel is associated with the color white, and he is here to help with matters of purity, discipline, and order.

He can keep you on the straight and narrow if you ask him, and can help you become more organized so you can get more done.


Raphael was a popular name for children in the Middle Ages, but not so much anymore. Still, Raphael is here to serve us. He is associated with the color green and is here to assist us with healing. You can call on him whenever you need healing of any kind, including physical, mental, and spiritual.

He also assists with those who need to have certain physical needs met, like shelter, clothing, food, and tools so they can perform their trade. If you need healing of any kind, or the basic necessities of life on earth, ask Raphael.


Uriel is associated with the color purple, and is here to help with matters concerning peace. He is a good archangel to call on if you need assistance solving a conflict of a personal nature, up to one of a global nature. He will help you come up with a peaceful solution if you ask him.


Chamuel is associated with the color pink, and is here to assist with matters of love, work, and lost objects. Call on him when you need help with relationship issues, if you need to find a job, or if you need to find your lost wallet or anything else you’ve misplaced. Chamuel is an excellent personal problem solver.


Jophiel is associated with the color yellow, and is the angel to call on for matters concerning illumination. He is the angel to call on if you want to understand something you’re having difficulty wrapping your mind around, if you need help studying for school, and when you need more wisdom on any matter.


Zadkiel is associated with the color violet, and is the archangel in charge of forgiveness, tolerance, and diplomacy. He is also in charge of bringing joy. If you ask him, he will help you forgive others who may have wronged you (or who you believe wronged you), with being more tolerant toward others who are not like you or who are trying your patience, and with matters that require diplomatic skills to solve.

If you need more joy in your life, ask Zadkiel, and he will bring it to you.

Now you know the names of seven archangels. You should call them so they can help you.

How to Talk to Archangels and Angels

First, you need to know the name of your angels. When you call your angel’s name, it will vibrate a powerful energy and they will come to you. Each person has more than one Guardian Angels.

Before you came to this life, you had a conversation with your angels. You chose the place and the time you wanted to reborn.

Angels are with you from the first day to the last day of your life. Many of them continue to work with you in many lifetimes.

Second, if you talk to angels daily, you will develop a strong relationship with them. They will visit you in a dream or use your own voice to talk to you.

If you want to create a stronger connection with them, build an altar. Depending on the angels you’re working with.

For example, you want to work with Archangel Michael. The altar should have Michael’s picture, rose incense, rose oil. Remember to keep the altar clean. It’s the place they stay or visit you.

When you ask for help and assistance, angels can give you guidance. Angels can’t make decisions for you. For example, if you ask them to help you get a job, you need to look for jobs. You have to apply online or schedule a job interview.

In some cases, you don’t get the job you want. It happens because the job isn’t right for you. Angels can see the future ,so they will bring something else better for you.

The archangels love you, just as your personal angels love you, and just as they love all humanity. They were made to be our guides, helpers, and guardians, and so you must never feel insecure about asking an archangel for help with any issue.

You may talk to them directly and do so freely. They welcome it, and are happy to hear from you and to help you. They are never to busy for anyone; being celestial creatures, they can be in many places at once, so they are always available whenever you call on them.

You don’t have to go through your personal angels to talk to them, and your personal angels will not be offended if you go directly to an archangel. Angels and archangels are all in this together with us humans. Together, we can work with the angels and archangels to make the world a better place for all of us.

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