Past Lives

Do you believe in past lives? A lot of people do. It is a very old spiritual belief, going back thousands of years into human history, and is present in many cultures, both ancient and modern. There is also a lot of evidence that past lives do exist.

Studies on children from all over the world have revealed many who remembered details of lives they lived before their present incarnation. Further studies into the details they gave proved those stories were true.

Because their past lives often took place far away from their current home, there was no way they could have known the names, dates, relationships, and places they talked about unless they really did live those lives.

Children even showed strong attachments to now elderly people who were their children in past lives, and relatives of the person in the past life were often convinced the child was their reincarnated relative.

Children often easily remember past lives because they are so close to their most recent past life. Having just incarnated from that life, they still remember it and feel attached to it. If the belief is not encouraged or discussed, the children will eventually forget about it as they get older and more involved in their current life.

This close proximity to past lives is also why children are particularly susceptible to seeing ghosts and experiencing other psychic phenomena. They have just come from the spirit world between lives and are still psychically open to it. Again, this changes as they get older most of the time, though some retain their psychic openness throughout their lives.

With so much evidence supporting the existence of past lives, it is only natural for you to be curious about who you may have been in your own past lives. Most people have had many past lives, going back into ancient history and sometimes even onto other planets, before life began on this one.

It is relatively rare to find a new soul who has had only a few past lives or is on their first one, but there are some of those people in the world, and universe, at all times.

Karmic Debt

If you have had even one past life, it may be affecting your present life. There may be karmic issues from your past life that you still have to work out in this one, issues you didn’t get resolved or lessons you didn’t learn in your past life or lives that continue into this one, and even traumas you experienced in past lives that affect you in this one.

Same problems keep happening. Why?

The past life affecting you may not even be the most recent one. Sometimes issues from past lives stay buried in the subconscious (which remembers every detail of all of them) for several lifetimes before coming to the surface again. You will eventually have to deal with all issues from all past lives, but these tasks will be spread out among many different lives in most people.

If you have a problem that is bothering you in this life, or anything you feel strongly about and you don’t know why, or if you feel a special connection to a time or place or both and don’t understand why, you are probably experiencing past life issues, or subconscious memories belonging to those lives coming to the surface.

The best way to resolve your issues and understand your feelings is to explore your past lives. But how do you do this? There are several different ways you can access your memories of your past lives.

Journey To The Past

First of all is dreams. You may dream about your past lives. If you dream about different times and places, pay attention, especially if you have these dreams on a regular basis. It is probably your subconscious reminding you of these past lives, or a certain past life.

You should pay attention to the details of the dream and look at who is there and what is happening.

It can give you clues as to what happened in this past life and how it may be affecting your current one.

When you know the past life issue that is affecting your current life, you can take the appropriate steps to resolve it. What you need to do will usually be obvious.

You can also access your past lives through meditation. When you get adept at meditation, you can let your mind wander back to see your past lives.

You can look at them at random, out of curiosity, or you can ask that divine guidance be given to show you the past life that is the most pertinent to this one.

When you are in deep meditation and have asked to be shown past life information beforehand, you will often see images come to you of their own accord. You will see who you were, what you were doing, the people in this life who were with you in the past one and what role they played to you then, and you can use this information to create a plan of action to resolve any issues from that life that may be impacting this one.

Finally, you can go to a professional past life regressionist or a psychic. A regressionist will guide you through a hypnotic meditation to access your past lives, and will give you guidance on what to do with the information you received about those lives during the meditation.

If you are not able to be hypnotized, you should go to a psychic, who will read your past lives through the Akashic records or by getting visions of them from connection to divine spiritual power. The psychic can see what things in your past lives are affecting your current one and advise you on how to resolve those issues.

When you understand your past lives, you understand you a lot better. We are the sum of all of our lives to some degree. Learning who you were will help you understand who you are, and give you the information you need to make this life a more healthy, happy, fulfilled one.

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