The Magical Properties of Twelve Birthstones

Your birthstone is very special to you. The power of birthstones has unique healing and magical properties that are uniquely valuable to you. While other birthstones have properties that may be beneficial to you, and you can use them to assist you with certain things, you should always carry your birthstone. Having it with you at all times will ensure you are always at your best mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Here are the healing and magical properties of the 12 birthstones of the standard Western calendar.



Garnet has been prized as a talisman since ancient times. It is also known for having strong curing powers and protecting energies. It can enhance creative energy, It also grounds the body spiritually and enhances feelings of love. It is a highly sensual stone.

As far as healing goes, garnets reduce toxins in the body and heal wounds quickly by encouraging the clotting of blood. Garnets also have regenerative properties, and can stimulate metabolism. In addition, it purifies blood, the heart, the lungs, and renews DNA. It also helps you absorb vitamins and minerals more readily.

Finally, garnet is a good stone for getting rid of acne, regulating heart rhythms, reducing arthritis pain, and enhancing libido.



Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer and can calm the emotions, as well as the mind and body. It contains strong energy associated with creativity, spirituality, logic, and temperance.

It can heal almost any emotional issue, and is particularly good at dealing with issues involving the nervous system. It is also used to cure insomnia and it brings on pleasant dreams. Amethysts balance the crown chakra.

You can use amethyst to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and hyperactivity, especially in children and animals. Spiritually, amethysts protect against psychic attacks from others, and shields you from paranormal harm. It transforms negative energy into positive energy and returns it to the universe.



Aquamarine promotes telling the truth, trusting others, and letting go of that which no longer serves you. In ancient times, it was used as a good luck stone by sailors, and was considered to promote happiness and eternal youth. It is known to protect anyone who travels over water. It also opens up channels of communication between people.

Since it is associated with the throat chakra, aquamarine assists in confident public speaking, making it a good stone for teachers or anyone who regularly needs to speak in front of crowds. It assists with diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs, it heals sinus conditions and coughing, and is good for treating and healing allergies, such as hay fever. An excellent stone for singers, it relieves laryngitis. It also regulates the thyroid and the hormones associated with growth in children. Finally, it soothes skin inflammations, like eczema.



Diamonds conduct and amplify energy of all kinds. It absorbs energy associated with thoughts and feelings, then radiates them out to the world. Diamonds help you maintain a positive attitude and allow you to feel empowered. You attract positive energy from others when you are carrying a diamond.

Diamonds unify the body and mind. It purifies the function of the brain, nerves, and senses. It is good for treating strokes and epilepsy, and it guards against the aging of cells. It is also a good restorative stone for energy and stamina. Diamonds have been used for centuries to cure constipation and to treat kidney stones. It is also useful in enhancing the function of all eliminating organs.



Emeralds are associated with the heart chakra and they nurture feelings of love and compassion. They provide soothing energy and revitalize the spirit. Emeralds will promote patience, unity, compassion, and love, and are excellent for keeping happy marriages.

Not only do emeralds combat aging, they also heal the physical heart, and can treat problems with just about any other part of the body from the chest down. Above the chest, emeralds enhance and restore eyesight. It also strengthens and enhances memory.

Emeralds are also known to increase fertility and to make childbirth easier.



Pearls give a feeling of being calm and centered. They are used to promote the virtues of faith, loyalty, purity, and truthfulness. Pearls are excellent at improving personal integrity. They are also said to help people attain and connect with their inner goodness.

They have been used through the centuries to treat digestive tract issues, muscle issues, and skin conditions. Pearl powder is said to assist in improving fertility.

Pearls are claimed to balance hormone levels with lunar cycles. They also enhance wisdom and love, strengthen nerves and adrenal glands, and make muscles stronger.

Pearls have the magical ability to let a person discover their true self, enlighten their minds, and improve their moods. They will let someone continue to learn more about themselves the longer they are worn.



Rubies have very strong metaphysical properties. They stimulate the base chakra, which increases a person’s vitality and chi. It clears the mind and improves concentration and motivation. It also promotes self-confidence and a sense of determination that helps one achieve their goals.

Rubies are also associated with sensual pleasures. It allows someone to enjoy being in the physical world, and increases sexual desire. It is associated with passionate faithfulness in relationships.

In addition, rubies strengthen the heart, regulate menstrual flow, and ease cramping pain during menstruation. It strengthens reproductive organs and is often used to treat impotence and infertility. It is good in promoting a healthy pregnancy in older women, and will assist in forming strong children in the womb.

Rubies are also purifying stones, and will purify the blood, lymph, and the body in general. It improves circulation in the legs and feet. It can also regulate weight gain associated with emotional eating.



Peridots are high-vibrational gems that are associated with the heart chakra. They have an inherent positive energy to them, and they can help heal traumatic emotional conditions. They are also good at lessening the ego’s hold on one’s life.

They help people understand their relationships and the role these relationships play in their lives. This is true of all kinds of relationships, be they romantic or platonic. Peridot is excellent at bringing out unconditional love.

It is a protective gem, and helps keep the energy up in group situations. It brings a comforting energy to everyone who is near it.

Peridot brings healing vibrations to the whole body and are terrific for using to assist in recovering from an illness or accident. They are very strong with healing the lungs, stomach, and heart, and assists in childbirth.



Sapphires have been associated with wisdom and prophecy for ages. It is considered a sacred gem, and it is important in most major religions. It has long been believed to bring spiritual and physical protection, spiritual wisdom, and good fortune.

When worn as a talisman, sapphires are said to preserve chastity, reveal lies, protect from poison, and guard against plague and diseases of the skin. It will heal fevers, as well as eye ailments. It increases concentration by calming and focusing the mind. Those who wear it are protected from black magic and bad energy.

Sapphires help you stay on a spiritual path, and assist in mastering self-discipline. They also give you focus as to what you want and how you will attain your goals, and helps improve intuition.



Opal is also known as the Eye Stone, and it promotes love, innocence, purity, luck, hope, and happiness. Not only does it inspire these feelings, it brings them strongly to the surface where they can be used in a practical way.

It generates a sense of calmness and security, and it relieves stress and depression. It is motivational and encourages people to follow their dreams and true path. Anyone who is restless or has a racing mind will benefit from the calming effects of opal. Opals also help promote peaceful sleep and good dreams in children.

Opals will shield one who carries one or more of them from anyone else’s negative energy. It can also be used to make you “invisible” to others when you don’t want to be noticed. You will blend into the background better when carrying an opal. This makes it a good gem to wear when stealth is necessary.



Topaz promotes truth and forgiving, chastity, happiness, hope, and true friendship. It aids in discovering one’s true purpose in life, and helps one to understand the karmic effects of one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. It removes stagnant energy, and rejuvenates spiritual and physical energy, while releasing tension and promoting joy.

Topaz is excellent for healing the whole body. It does this by balancing energies, soothing and cleansing emotions, and bringing love and peace to one’s life. In specific areas of the body, it is good for healing the blood, reversing aging, and curing problems with the endocrine system, blood clots, and asthma, particularly in children.



Turquoise is one of the oldest stones used by humans for physical and magical purposes. It promotes goodwill from others to the one who wears or carries it. Those who carry turquoise always have friends. It can also shield the wearer from evil, and brings happiness and good fortune if it is given to the wearer by a friend.

Turquoise strengthens people, so it is good for exhaustion. It also treats emotional conditions like depression, anxiety, and tension. It strengthens the immune system, allows the body to absorb nutrients more easily, protects from pollution and viruses, and is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory.

It is used to treat gout and other forms of arthritis, and eases conditions of the stomach. It also treats headaches, including migraines, and will ease lung issues and allergies. Turquoise also strengthens the psychic immune system, making one invulnerable to psychic attacks from others and shields from negative energy.

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