Angels are always around us. Angels are God’s guardians and helpers to us. They work with humans on God’s behalf to help us reach our greater good in every area of our lives. Not only are angels always around us, they are our friends.

As our friends, we can call on them and talk to them at any time. We all have a guardian angel, who is our main angel guide and in charge of all the other angels around us.

We also have angels around us who specialize in just about anything you could imagine. Whenever you need something, just call on the angels who are in charge of that area. You can also just send any requests through your guardian angel, and he or she will send them to the proper “helper angels.” It’s a good idea to learn at least your guardian angel’s name.

When you’re on a first name basis with your guardian angel, it helps things move a lot more smoothly in getting things done in your life with the help of angels.

You’ve probably encountered your angels before, even if you didn’t know it. Times when you were protected or saved from seemingly sure harm. For example,  in some dangerous situations,  your angels have stepped in and physically saved you.

You may have even talked to them in your dreams, without knowing they were your angels. Times when your wishes seem to come true, you have really good luck (especially a series of extremely lucky experiences), or very good things have happened to you are also often the work of your angels.

Learning how to talk to your angels can facilitate the production of many more good things in your life. Talking to them helps you develop a real working relationship with them, and become the true team you were always meant to be. If you don’t know how to talk to your angels, here are some tips on getting started.

1. Meditation

Meditation is an excellent method of getting in touch with your angels. To do this, simply sit quietly in a silent room. Make sure you won’t be disturbed for some time. You can meditate either by looking into a candle flame or by closing your eyes. This gives you focus.

Empty your mind of all thoughts for a few minutes, and don’t even think of your angels during this time. After a short time, say hello to your angels. You can say it out loud or in your mind. Either way works, as your angels can hear your thoughts as well as your speech.

Talk to them about any problems you’re experiencing and ask for their assistance in these areas. You can also simply ask for guidance rather than direct intervention.

Then, listen for a reply. You may hear a quiet angel’s voice in your mind or in the room with you. You may also feel the presence of someone in the room with you. Other indications your angels are nearby are feelings of warmth or coolness, or an image that forms in your mind after you speak to them.

You can image a beautiful white wing and a bright white light. Think about a question you’d like to ask. Tell them to raise your energy vibration so you can have a better connection. Even if you don’t hear anything back from them, they always listen to your prayers and requests.

Another way to meet your angels is astral travel. Your soul can leave the body temporary and travel to heaven. When you arrive heaven, look for the path way that has shimmering gold. There is a river and a rainbow. If you pay attention, there is a voice calling out to you “Follow Me”. Follow that voice and keep going. That path way will lead you to a small house. There is a beautiful stone on the front door. Touch the door gently and it will open for you. Your Guardian Angels await you inside.

Everything in heaven is very similar to Earth. You can see all beautiful trees and flowers. The animals are very peaceful. You can hear the birds chirping around. The sky is blue but it’s much brighter than Earth. Plus, the grass is green and it’s very quiet. This place makes you feel at peace. All negative thoughts are disappeared. You don’t even think about money or anything. Your mind is completely clear.

Keep in mind that timing in heaven is very different than Earth. It is said that one year on Earth is only one day in Heaven. Make sure you come back to where your body stays on time. Evening is the best time to meditate or astral travel to heaven. Your body and mind are relaxed and easy to concentrate.

Once you’ve spoken to your angels, thank them and say good-bye. It is always best to be courteous with your angels, since they are here to help you and work with you. Make it a pleasant job for them. They love you and are so happy to do things for you. Remember that and treat them with love in return. They will appreciate it.

When you learn to talk to your angels through meditation, you can do it any time. It may take a few times of practicing to get it just right and actually get a noticeable sign from an angel, but keep practicing, and eventually, you will.

2. Pay Attention to Your Intuition

Angels want to communicate with you as much, or more, as you want to communicate with them. They are always giving you little signs that they are there. If you pay attention to your intuition, you will often find that it is communication from your angels.

Remember times when you just got a gut feeling that you should turn one way on a street instead of another, or that you should take a different route entirely?

You’ve probably also felt like maybe you forgot something at the house even if you know you have everything you need with you. You just knew you needed to ask the doctor a question about something that didn’t seem important, or even that you shouldn’t go out that day, or date a certain person.

You don’t know why you feel these things. Yet, you’ll notice, things often don’t go your way if you don’t listen to these intuitive feelings, and they often go your way when you heed them. This is because these instances of intuition are angelic communications.

When you know this, you can start paying more attention to the angelic communications you receive. Be more aware of your intuition, and always listen to it. By doing this, you are opening up a channel of communication with your angels that will keep you on the right track and happy with your life. Your angels will see to it, and you can let them help you by listening.

3. Contact an Angelic Medium

If the messages you get through meditation or intuitive signals are too subtle for you, you can always contact an angelic medium. An angelic medium is a psychic who specializes in communicating with angels. Your medium can tell you the name of your guardian angel, so you can develop a more intimate relationship with him or her.

The medium can also directly relay any messages from your angels to you, and you don’t have to wonder if you’re interpreting the message correctly. It’s the most direct and accurate way of talking to your angels.

As you can see, talking to your angels has many benefits. Talking to angels doesn’t have to involve actual speech. It is often more of an unspoken communication. Even if you don’t master meditation or intuitive interpretation, and even if you don’t go to a medium, you can still talk to your angels. Just talk to them. Speak to them out loud or in your mind and let them know what you need or would like. It doesn’t matter if you notice any kind of response.

Your angels are always with you, so all you have to do is talk to them, and they will hear you and act in your best interest every time.

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