The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a collection of all of the events, thoughts, and emotions from everyone in the universe, throughout all of their lives, since the beginning of time. They are housed in a hall of records on the astral plane, and are accessible by anyone.

The universe does not discriminate in who can access these records; everyone has the ability. Not everyone has been trained in accessing them, though.

It often takes a trained psychic to access the Akashic Records for you, though some people do seem to be born with the knowledge of how to do it, or stumble across it by accident, such as during meditation or in dreams.

The hall of records houses all of the records of the universe, and every individual being in the universe carries an energetic copy of their own entries in the Akashic Records within them. Most people who do not have psychic training find it easier to access their own records within themselves than to go into the hall.

History of The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records get their name from a Sanskrit word that means “sky,” or “luminous.” It first began to be used in the western world to refer to the records in this vast universal library in the 19th century through the teachings of H.P. Blavatsky, who defined the records as “indestructible tablets of the astral light.”

These records, she said, recorded everything every sentient being in the universe does in the past, present, and the future. All of time is happening at once, so the records of what is the future for one being have already happened or are happening in other planes of existence in this universe, and thus recorded in the Akashic Records.

The records are living documents, as well, since living beings have free will and future events, thoughts, and emotions can change; the Akashic Records are perfectly able to change with them, and they do. They can even change when someone is able to reach back and alter the past, something that is not widely done on Earth, but not without precedent and not outside the realm of possibility.

It is not just the records of humans that are kept in the Akashic Records. The records of animals, and all sentient creatures on this and other inhabited planets in this universe are in the Akashic Records, as well.

Many trained psychics, such as Edgar Cayce, have claimed to have accessed the history of Atlantis and information about its future re-discovery through the Akashic Records. At least one other psychic, Levi H. Dowling, claims to have accessed information on the childhood of Jesus through the records, and he wrote a book about what he learned when reading those particular records.

The Power of The Akashic Records

In a way, the Akashic Records can be likened to a giant supercomputer powered by the universe. The records are entirely interactive, and have an impact on our daily lives whether or not we realize it. They influence our beliefs, feelings, relationships, and even the potential things we attract to us.

Information from the records can come out in the overall human consciousness as a society, as well, and influence the way our society looks. These records inspire innovations in technology, education, entertainment, social interactions, and just about everything else we do as a planet.

Many of these inspirations come from things that have been here before that we have forgotten, or may even come from the records of other societies on other planets. The Akashic Records record absolutely everything from the tiniest things to the most important planet-wide events in the universe.

As vast as the Internet is that we use today, it is but a mere blip on the radar when compared to the amount of information the Akashic Records store.

For example, the Akashic Records can influence young people into a career in music. They can do this in a number of ways. Astral travel is one.

While anyone can travel astrally during their dreams, young children are particularly susceptible to it, because they are still close to the spirit world from which they just came.

They may go into the hall of records in their dreams and hear all kinds of music that has been created in the past and is being created now and in the future.

If they go to the hall of records often enough, or if they are really inspired by the music they hear, it can influence them in choosing a career in music themselves, to create sounds similar to what they heard in the records.

Others are born with an innate ability to hear and/or feel the music in nature. When they look at anything in nature, they feel a unique melody associated with it, and can sometimes even hear it in their heads.

This is the work of the Akashic Records and its built-in creative energy bleeding through to our realm.

Those who are sensitive to energies can often pick up on the melodies the Akashic Records send to this realm, and natural objects are the speakers for this music. It is quite easy for a young person to become inspired to a career in music by constantly being exposed to every melody ever created or that will be created, being broadcast to them through the natural things on the planet on which they live.

There are other instances where someone is born with a natural longing to learn to play a certain instrument or to write music or to sing (or sometimes all of these things). The may even have a natural raw ability to do these things well that training may enhance to amazing levels. This person could be feeling the influence of their own internal copy of their personal Akashic Records.

They may have been a musician in a previous life, maybe even playing the same instrument they want to play now or writing music that was popular during that lifetime. This may me something their spirit loves and wants to continue to do.

The record of that previous life within the person with the musical ambition is reminding them of who they really are and what they should be doing to bring about their spirit’s highest purpose.

Because the Akashic Records contain so much information, they also contain the creative power of the universe and everyone in it, as well as the information on how the universe itself was created ,and this information itself contains creative power.

The hall of records where the Akashic Records are kept, as well as the records themselves, were founded by the Divine Spirit, itself a creative being, and so are infused with the power of creativity in every corner. This makes them a very dynamic set of records with which to work.

How to Access The Akashic Records

You can access your own internal copy of your personal Akashic Record through mediation. The meditation must include a statement that you are seeking love, light, and truth, and this declaration must be genuine, or else you may be given false information or denied access entirely until you are truly ready.

The best way to approach accessing your own Akashic Records is to do so for the purpose about learning about something going on in your life right now. If you access them simply out of curiosity, you may be shown any random previous life of yours, and it may have no bearing on what you need guidance on right now. You also have to be open to receiving any information the records send you, no matter how disturbing.

For example, you may have been someone in a previous life who you do not approve of now, and you may have done things you think are heinous. You must be open to receiving this information with the understanding that different times required different lifestyles and activities that we may not agree with today.

Be open to receiving any truth about yourself in your relevant past lives, and use that information to help you understand and improve upon your current situation on which you are seeking advice and guidance.

You must never try to access someone else’s Akashic Records, as this is invading their privacy. You may be given confusion or false information if you try to access someone else’s records without their permission. The only exception is if they are the records of someone close to you, and the information you seek is pertinent to an issue in your current life you wish to solve or resolve.

If you aren’t sure about your ability to access your Akashic Records or those of others who pertain to you, visit a trained psychic who has experience working with the records. When you go to the psychic for advice, you are giving that person permission to access your records, so the information they receive will be accurate.

Whether you access your records yourself or go to a psychic to do it, you will know you are receiving accurate information if it resonates with you as true. If it’s true, you will know.

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