What are psychic scams?

When you go to get your first psychic reading, you should be careful of psychic scams. A psychic scam is a false psychic advertisement. You may see ads for psychic scams online without even realizing that’s what they are.

When you click on these ads, you’ll be directed to a page with simple form, at the bottom of which will be a payment area. This is where you’ll be asked to provide a credit card number.

After you submit the form, you wait for contact by phone or email, but it never comes, and you end up paying for nothing in return. This is an example of a psychic scam.

Who is a fake psychic?

A fake psychic is a person who claims to have psychic abilities. They may give you readings based on information they’re getting from beyond, but in reality they’re making everything up. A fake psychic provides this false information by phone, chat or email.

In one example of a fake psychic, you see a psychic ad and you call, seeking help. During the call, a fake psychic will provide inaccurate answers many times because they don’t actually have psychic abilities at all.

How to Avoid Psychic Scams

There are many ways that you can protect yourself against psychic scams. It does take some precaution. You have to be aware that these psychic scams exist. Just because you believe that some people have psychic abilities doesn’t mean everyone who claims to have them is telling the truth. Here’s what you should do:

1. Do not provide payment information online when you first visit a psychic website

You should wait to make sure that the website is genuine, and that the psychic services are truly from a psychic and not from someone pretending to have psychic abilities.

2. Know the signs of a scam website

First, look around the website to make sure it’s legitimate. A scam website will often have just one or two pages on the site. One of those pages will be a form for you to input your payment information.

A genuine psychic website will have many pages filled with information about the psychic, and about the services. It will also have information about psychic readings, and offer you several options for readings.

3. Call or email a website owner/psychic to learn more

Look around for a contact telephone number for the site or the psychic. Give them a call to confirm they are who they claim to be. If they answer with anything that sounds strange, that’s a red flag that you should pay attention to.

4. Verify the psychic’s social media pages

If a psychic is real, they will have a social media profile online that verifies who they are. Their name should come up on social media and there should be a decent amount of history for online postings.

5.  Read online review and testimonials

For example, do a Google search for “psychic John reviews.” Make sure that when you read any reviews that they come from real people, not just “John psychic” saying how great his readings are.

How to Spot a Fake Psychic

If you pay attention, it’s very easy to know a fake psychic when you first talk to them. Think of a good friend or loved one who talks to you. You can tell when they’re lying to you if you know the signs to look for.

When a person is lying to you, their voice may get quiet, or hard to hear. They may not complete full sentences, or they may say things that contradict something they said earlier.

Because a fake psychic is making things up as they go along, it’s hard for them to keep track of the lies they told you. The body language, tone of voice can tell you someone is lying to you.

If you’re seeing a fake psychic in person, their body language will give them away. They might not look you in the eyes, or avoid showing their face.

What are signs that a psychic is fake?

There are some signs you can look out for to determine if a psychic is fake or not. It helps to understand the differences between what a fake psychic will do versus a genuine psychic.

1. Asks personal questions

If the psychic asks you personal questions, that’s the number one sign that they are fake. The first rule of a genuine psychic reading is that the psychic cannot ask personal questions relating to your home address or social security number. Anyone who does is a fake psychic.

A legitimate psychic may work for a psychic network that oversees psychics. The psychic network is a website that hires psychics. Keen personal advisor, Psychic Source and Kasamba are examples of psychic network.

These psychic network have a legitimate customer service department. You can contact customer service to open a new account, make a deposit or help select the right psychics.  Psychic network are usually LLC businesses. These businesses can be verified by the federal government and the state government. They have business licenses and pay taxes each year just like other businesses.

The psychics that work for the psychic network are not employees; they are independent contractors. The psychic network is simply a platform that genuine psychic can join to help them earn money from their abilities.

As a customer, you will create a new account on the secured site. In your account, you deposit a sufficient amount to cover the cost of a reading. You can deposit a range of amounts that best suits your budget and needs. Your deposit can be as low as $10 or $1000 or more.

You never have to discuss money with your psychic because you already have money on deposit to cover the costs of your psychic services.

You don’t share personal information with a psychic during a reading. It’s because you already provided information when you created an account with psychic network.

Second, a psychic may own their own business. They may have their own website, an office and a valid business address. You would pay a psychic like this, directly by phone or in person. If you work with a psychic who is not in a psychic network, you’ll need to verify for yourself that they are genuine by using the steps we discussed earlier.

2. Asks too many questions

The second rule of a psychic reading is that a psychic cannot ask too many questions. A psychic reading is not a casual/regular conversation. You pay a psychic to answer your questions and reveal the information for you.

If a psychic is peppering you with questions, chances are they are trying to get information out of you instead of using authentic psychic abilities to give you a reading. You should be the one asking the questions; not the psychic.

A legitimate psychic can only ask your first name and your date of birth. This helps them to identify you when they consult with the spirits in the next world. A legitimate psychic uses your name to tune into your energy. Your date of birth is to help find your past lives and astrological purposes in this life and maybe in the next.

3. Gives you general answers

A fake psychic wants to keep you on the phone as long as possible so they can make more money. The longer you stay on, the more money they will make. They never give you specific answers. They don’t give you solutions to your problems. They never answer your questions fully, and often what they do say doesn’t make sense.

This happens because a fake psychic doesn’t actually have any psychic abilities. They don’t know or understand your problems. They take a good guess or a lucky guess to answer you, hoping that something will eventually make sense.

When a true psychic gives you “Yes” answer, he will guide you how to achieve your goals. A legitimate psychic is there to help you, and really wants you to have a better life. For example, a genuine psychic may teach you to use your special gemstone to attract good luck, or give you relevant ideas to meet a new love, or to avoid trouble that is brewing in your life.

When a true psychic gives you “No” answer, he will fully explain why the choice is not a good fit for you. He will show you better options or a meaningful answer. The logical explanation will make sense to you, in the context of your life.

For example,  you may hear from a legitimate psychic that a certain man or a woman is not a good fit for you. Maybe it’s because you two don’t share the same interests. He likes sport and noisy places, but you like to read and quiet places. There are hidden things about the man that the psychic has picked up on.

If you date this man or this woman, the relationship will only be temporary, or the relationship may cause you to miss out on something what would be better for you.

4. Tells you what you want to hear

A fake psychic tells you many “Yes” answers to please you. This is the easiest way to spot a fake psychic. If you want to win a lottery, ask a fake psychic this question. They’ll say “yes.”

In real life, there are many answers that we don’t want to hear, even if they are true. A genuine psychic will always tell you the truth, even if it’s hard to hear. The real psychic will help you to get through any tough answers they may have to give you. If you are always getting positive “yes” answers, that’s a sign that you’re dealing with a fake psychic.

5. Has an unusual listing price
The price of a legitimate psychic is between $3.99-$7.99 per minute. If you pay more or less, you probably want to research a psychic before you call.

You probably have seen $0.99 per minute reading or $14.99 per minute. A cheap psychic wants you to stay on the phone very long. They may take their time answering you because they know that time is ticking away.

A very expensive psychic wants to consume your money fast. Sometimes, you don’t get what you pay more. A high listing price is to attract people who want to pay more but get less valuable answers. The high price makes it seem like the psychic is very special, but in actuality they are a fake psychic if their price is extremely high, or extremely low.

A true psychic would give you some free minutes or a refund if you don’t like a reading. If you find that your psychic gets angry or upset if you complain about the reading, that’s not a real psychic. A genuine psychic will go out of their way to make sure that you’re happy with your reading. They always want to use their abilities to help you.

6. Offers expensive “good luck” package
Fake psychics will try to take advantage of you during a difficult time. During a reading, a fake psychic may ask you to buy something that they might refer to as a “good luck” package. If you buy it, they will tell you they will perform a “miracle” for you so you can get whatever it is you want.

For example, if you desperately want your ex back, you have to buy $5000 love package.

You may have doubts and think to yourself, “Why is it so expensive?”

A fake psychic is clever and manipulative. They use the following tactics to get your money:

  • “Do you want to see him/her again?” (you answer “yes”)
  • “How soon do you want to see him/her? (you answer “today, or as soon as possible”)
  • “The faster you pay, the sooner you see him/her” (because they want you to pay now, while they have you on the phone)
  • “If you pay more, he or she will love you more” (they want you to pay extra cash)
  • “You pay for the love package this one time, and he or she will love you forever.” (good deal, pay once for a life time of benefits. Who would say no to this?)

If you answer “yes” to the above questions and statements, you’re a victim of a psychic scam.

After you paid in full, of course, the fake psychic won’t be performing any miracle or service at all. In fact, a fake psychic will move on quickly to their next victim. They will no longer answer your phone calls or email once they feel they have gotten all they can out of you

7. Using a fake profile image

An image profile is a small photo of the psychic that usually appears on their website. The photo is similar to your Facebook photo profile. Today, it’s very easy to copy and paste an image of someone else to your profile.

A fake psychic will never use a real image of him or her. They don’t ever want to be identified in real life, because they are scam artists. They will simply use a fake picture of someone else and pretend like that person is them.

To see if the profile picture is fake, you can just right-click the image and choose “Search Google for images.” If you see the same image with different names, you know this person is not who they are.

Another easy way is to use the image properties. Each image file in the computer has “properties.” All you have to do is right-click the image file. Select Properties. Choose “Details” tab. Here you can see a lot of information about the image.

Remember that psychics are entitled to their privacy, too. Not every genuine psychic wants to have their picture online, and that’s okay. They may use pictures like stock photography, or images of nature or animals, because they want to protect their privacy. The only issue is when they are pretending to be someone they aren’t.

There are good psychics and bad psychics

Legitimate psychics have your best interests at heart. They want to help people find true love, land a good career and be happy. Scam psychics take advantage of people’s weaknesses to steal money from them. Psychic scams cause people to have bad experiences.

If you’re a first time caller and get scammed by a fake psychic, don’t let this stop you from pursuing a legitimate psychic reading. One bad experience doesn’t mean all psychics are bad. Also, don’t trust all online psychic reviews, regardless if they’re good or bad. Some individuals write negative reviews for spite, or to create panic and confusion. They make things up for bad reasons.

When you have a positive experience with your favorite psychic, stick with him or her for the next reading. The more you and your legitimate psychic work together, the better your readings will be, and you’ll never have to worry about psychic scams again.

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