What is a psychic reading ?

A psychic reading is a meeting between you and a psychic where the psychic uses his or her connection with the spirit world to reveal the answers to your questions, and to give you guidance and advice on your future. You can contact a psychic by phone, email and in person.

Many psychics are born with a natural ability to contact the spirit world, while others have studied the various methods of doing so and have practiced them to strengthen their own innate psychic abilities.

We all have those abilities within us, but some people seem to know how to use them from birth, while others learn to use these powers and strengthen them. If you have done neither of these things, you will need to talk to a trained (or natural) psychic to communicate with the spirit world.

You may get some communication in your dreams, but unless the message is clear (which it sometimes is), you will need a psychic medium to interpret the messages for you.

Psychics use a variety of methods to contact the spirit world. Each psychic has his or her own preferred method, or a method in which they are the most skilled. Some may use physical tools to contact the spirits:

  • Tarot cards
  • Angel cards
  • Palm reading
  • Reading tea leaves
  • Using a Ouija board
  • Automatic writing
  • Crystal ball
  • Pendulum

Other psychics do not need such things and can communicate with the spirit world directly. Some can hear spirits, while others see them, feel them, or can communicate in all three ways. Others let spirits physically inhabit them temporarily to give you messages; these are known as physical psychics, and are the most rare kind.

How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

If you give them specific questions, you will get clear, understandable answers most of the time.

  • Do you want to ask about your future and what it holds if you stay on your current path?
  • Do you want to find out about your past lives (and how they may be affecting your current one)?
  • Do you have questions about your health, money, love life, career, family, or something similar that you want answered?
  • Do you need guidance on what you should do about a particular situation or issue in your life?

Depending on how much time you have with the psychic, you may be able to ask more than one question.

The important thing is to know what questions you want to ask before you call or visit the psychic, write them down so you remember them, only ask one question at a time, and write down the answers you get so you don’t forget what you were told. Acting on the information you were given is important to a successful psychic reading.

If you don’t have questions, but do have requests, ask the psychic to relay these requests to the spirits for you.

Give the psychic the requests in the form of present tense statements. This present tense language is what lets the spirits know you’re not only want this thing now, but are ready to have it now.

This is the language that makes wishes a reality, if it is in your best interest to get what you desire.

If you present your statements in the future tense, that is putting them far away from you, and may make them out of reach until you start using present tense language when talking to the spirits through a psychic about the things you want to manifest in your life.

Remember, when it comes to talking to the spirits about your desires and manifesting them, using present tense is key to success.

It is also important to come to the psychic, and by association, the spirits, with a clear mind and pure intentions. Don’t use a psychic to convey negative or evil things, especially toward others. Most psychics will not work with you if you come to them with this attitude.

If they do, they are not very pure or enlightened psychics themselves. You may end up attracting negative entities to you if you ask for bad things regarding other people or come to the psychic with negative intentions.

Most spirits are good and truly want to help you and guide you, and they will not do negative things. When they step out of the way when you ask for things with ill intent, they make way for the unsavory spirits to come through and possibly attract themselves to you.

It takes a lot of spiritual work to get rid of them once they’re around, and you do not want them around. Something you would soon discover if you tried to use a psychic for bad reasons.

As long as you come to a psychic with good intentions and a genuine desire to better your life or the lives of your loved ones, and if you really want pure guidance and good things, a psychic medium will be able to call on well-intentioned spirits who can actually give you good advice and do things for you.

They are happy to do so, most of the time. Come to them with a clean heart and good intentions, and they will be good to you in kind.

Getting a psychic reading can benefit you in so many ways. It can show you what lies ahead on your current path, as well as what you might achieve if you change your path, giving you a chance to decide if your current path is the right one for you or not.

It can also assist you in attracting the things you want into your life. You can build a better life with the mediation between you and the spirit world a psychic offers. Use one the correct way, and enjoy the benefits.

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