What is Psychic Source?

Have you heard of Psychic Source? They are one of the oldest and most respected online psychic sites on the Internet. In fact, it’s been around since almost the beginning of the Internet, starting back more than 20 years ago.

If you want a real psychic reading by a trusted professional who has a track record of accuracy, this is the website you want to use.

So, what do you need to know about Psychic Source before logging on? Is the site right for you and your needs? Here are all the details about this very special psychic site.

Psychic Source Review

The Internet Premier Psychic Reading Website

Psychic Source Offers a Variety of Psychic Services

  • Phone readings
  • Online chat readings
  • The ability to choose the psychic you prefer
  • Tarot readings
  • Numerology
  • Dream interpretation
  • Astrology (including horoscopes)
  • Contact with loved ones who have passed on
  • Contact with your personal spirit guides
  • New customer specials including a free email reading, and $1 a minute phone readings for up to half an hour

They Only Let the Best Psychics Work There

Because Psychic Source is so popular and well-known, the only let the best psychics work for them. This means their screening process for psychics is particularly rigorous. Psychics have to prove themselves to be the real thing before they can get a position at Psychic Source.

This is unlike many other psychic websites that haven’t been around for a long time, or haven’t worked to build up their reputation.

Those sites may hire unproven psychics or people who are just faking it for money. The psychics at Psychic Source are real, because the site is one with a reputation to maintain. They must make sure they only hire the best.

Only about five percent of potential psychic candidates who apply to Psychic Source actually make it through the site’s tough screening approach. Applicants are required to do three to four readings with staff members, as well as regular job-style interviews where they discuss their experience. Each applicant must also interview with the site’s top rated psychic, Moira.

The site has plans to introduce a new phase of interviewing for applicants where they will interview with a selection of the top customers of Psychic Source in addition to all the other requirements to become a psychic there.

With all of the screenings and tests applicants have to go through in order to be a Psychic Source psychic, you can be sure you are getting psychics with real skills who will give you accurate readings.

Easy to Use Site Layout

Psychic Source has always had an easy to navigate site, and they have continued to make improvements on it over the years to make sure it continues to be even easier to use. While you have always been able to look through the psychics on the site to read about their backgrounds, see their reviews from other customers, and even watch video recordings of them talking about their experience and areas of unique ability.

The site has made it even easier to choose from among their more than 300 psychics to find the one who is best for you.

There are now search filters that allow you to look for psychics that are compatible with your personality. Choose from psychics with personality features like wise, expressive, compassionate, thoughtful, direct, and more.

You can also choose psychics based on specialties and unique abilities. This means if you have an issue you especially want to discuss, such as love, grief, money, non-romantic relationships, careers, goals, and more. Some psychics even have counseling backgrounds, so you can choose someone who can give you both spiritual and practical advice.

If you discover a psychic on the site who you really like, you can keep using them each time you go back to the site. If your chosen psychic is busy when you want to contact them (and the most popular psychics on the site are usually busy whenever they are online), you can ask them to call you back or send you a chat message when they have an opening, or you can wait in line (a virtual line, of course).

The site will show you how many people are waiting to talk or chat to your chosen psychic ahead of you.

The site is online 24/7, so you can log on any time. Your chosen psychic may not work all the time, but you can see their schedule on their profile. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try a new psychic if your usual one isn’t online or is busy, you can search for one using the filter or read through profiles.

You may come up with a list of go-to psychics who are right for you, and then you will always be able to find someone to talk to whenever you want to get a reading. Plus, Psychic Source has excellent reward and loyalty programs for regular customers.

Do you have burning questions about love and money? Ask Psychic Source advisor Now

Using Psychic Source for the First Time

Not only is the site easy to navigate, it is easy to use, so even first-time users should feel comfortable with it. A lot of customers opt to talk to their psychic on the phone. However, using the psychic chat feature will give you the same quality of reading, plus it has the added bonus of allowing you to go back and read the conversation and information the psychic gave you at your leisure whenever you like.

After you choose a psychic, you pay first, using a debit or credit card. The site is totally secure, and has an excellent reputation, so you can feel confident about giving them your financial information.

It saves time and makes your reading go more smoothly if you write down your questions or points you want to discuss before your reading, but it is not required to talk to a psychic. You can also tell your psychic anything you like.

Some people give them their whole story, then wait for the psychic’s advice, while others give the psychic only a small amount of information and see if they are able to interpret accurate information using their psychic abilities. Whatever you choose to do is up to you. It all depends on what makes you the most comfortable and confident in your reading.

If you do decide to type out your questions and talking points ahead of time, it might be of benefit to you if you are not a fast typer. You can just copy and paste what you have typed up beforehand into the chat box if you are using a chat reading, and you won’t have to feel like you are not keeping up with the psychic in the conversation.

Also, if you have things typed up before your conversation and you are using a phone reading, you will have the things you want to discuss right in front of you and won’t have to be concerned about forgetting anything.

Again, it’s not a requirement for a reading. It is a time saving technique that can make your reading a smoother, better experience for you and your psychic.

How Accurate are the Readings?

If you look at the many testimonials on the site and online, you will see just how accurate the readings are with Psychic Source psychics. The site has tens of thousands of happy customers from around the world. Most testimonials say their readings were accurate, even if some things that were predicted took some time to come true.

Warnings psychics have given customers have turned out to be correct. Advice they have been given has proven to be the correct advice to follow.

The Psychic Source psychics even have an excellent and well documented (through testimonials) track record of knowing real things about their customers without their customers telling them. This is a site that gives accurate readings, and is one of the few psychic sites out there you can truly trust to be real and honest with you.

Should You Use Psychic Source to Get Psychic Readings

In a word, yes. Psychic Source has a lot of things going for it. The biggest thing is its trust factor. Over the past two decades, Psychic Source has proven again and again that it is a site you can trust, and one that can give you accurate readings. It’s psychics are carefully screened and only the best are selected to be Psychic Source psychics.

The site is easy to use, and its layout makes it simple to choose the best psychic for you based on your needs, preferences, and questions. You can keep using the same psychic when you find one you like, or you can try as many as you want and put together a roster of preferred psychics, so you will always find someone on your list online when you want to talk to them.

The site is secure, which makes it easy to feel confident in giving them your financial information. Plus, they have perks for regular users. Psychic Source is the online psychic reading site for you.

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