Claim Your Own Psychic Power and Live a Happier Life: A Review of “Psychic Intelligence” by the Psychic Twins

Psychic Intelligence Review

Linda and Terry Jamison are identical twins who have made a name for themselves as some of the most accurate psychics in the world. Known professionally as The Psychic Twins, they have made numerous television appearances, both to give predictions and to promote their books.

While their family and friends knew of their psychic ability from an early age, they really started to come into public prominence in 1999 when they accurately predicted the 2001 terrorist incidents on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on the Art Bell radio show.

On this show, they predicted these events would happen by 2002, and were exactly correct. Since then, they have been in demand in the psychic world as the “real thing.”

Early Life

The Psychic Twins were born in West Chester, Pennsylvania and spent their childhood there. There parents were artist, specializing in writing and painting. In fact, their father, Phillip Jamison, is famous in his own right as a watercolor artist.

Their parents recognized artistic tendencies in their daughters from the time they were quite young, and also noticed the psychic abilities.

Because they weren’t familiar with the psychic world and didn’t know anyone who had those abilities, their parents tended to ignore the psychic abilities in their daughters, and encouraged the artistic sides of them.

As children, they accurately predicted the future careers of their classmates, though they didn’t know they were correct until years later. They also displayed telepathic tendencies, being able to communicate with each other through mind reading, even at large distances. The twins always say their telepathic ability with each other is more reliable than a telephone.

When they developed chronic health issues as teenagers, the twins began to use their psychic abilities to lead them in the direction of true healing. Their intuitive powers told them the medicines their doctors prescribed them were not helping, and may be harming them.

Their intuition brought them to other treatments, and they eventually began dowsing with a pendulum to reveal what treatments were best for them, and even what foods they should be eating to achieve perfect health. They even brought their pendulum to the grocery store with them.


The twins both went to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, intending to develop their artistic abilities and follow in their parents’ footsteps. They spent a year at this school, then Terry enrolled at Penn State, while Linda went to the University of Delaware.

Both attended these schools for a year, then came together again to go to Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. Both twins graduated from here with degrees in fine arts.

The twins went on to work as artists, both in the visual and performing arts. They even had a short film made starring them as comedic actors that was shown on Saturday Night Live. Terry leaned more toward visual arts, while Linda was a stronger performing artist.

It was their psychic powers that brought them to Los Angeles, California, when all their friends were telling them they should stay in Pennsylvania.

While working on making a name for themselves as performers in California, they took out a small ad about their psychic abilities, using them as a business for the first time. Word of mouth lead to their getting the attention of a producer who was working on a TV show about psychics.

Impressed with their highly accurate reading of her, they were invited to be part of her show, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Psychic Intelligence Review

The twins released their second book, “Psychic Intelligence: Tune in and Discover the Power of Your Intuition.” in 2011. It is a fascinating and utilitarian read. In the book, the twins not only explain the nature of psychic powers, they reveal that everyone has them, and then go into detailed instructions for accessing yours.

In intricate detail, the book describes the various blocks that can be preventing you from accessing and trusting your own psychic abilities. They also explain the four “clairs” of psychic abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience.

Some people have more of a natural inclination to one clair than the other, though everyone can use all four clairs. The twins explain the clairs, which allows you to recognize which ones resonate the most with you, and provide instructions for tapping in to these abilities.

According to the Psychic Twins, using your psychic abilities, once you learn how, is no more difficult than turning on a radio and tuning in to the information it gives you. When you can do this with ease, you can see the future (both your own and everyone else’s) and change your path for the better.

You will be able to locate your true love, gather all the wealth you desire, gain perfect health, and live your dreams with ease.

With the use of your psychic powers, you will gain the ability to live the most authentic life for you, and give others the ability to do the same. “Psychic Intelligence” teaches you how to do all of these things in the most step-by-step way, making it easy for even beginners to understand and to do it.

Throughout the book, the twins explain everything you need to know to achieve and strengthen your natural psychic abilities. Most people have some sort of stumbling blocks along the way to reaching the pinnacle of their psychic powers.

You’ll learn how to recognize and get past these in order to claim the power that is yours by birthright. You’ll also learn that you may experience psychic information differently than other people, and the twins show you how to discover the best way for you to receive it.

Once you’ve mastered the method of receiving psychic information at which you are the most naturally adept, you can begin to learn to acquire information through other methods, and the twins show you how to do that, as well.

Becoming adept at psychic abilities allows you so many advantages, which are explained in the book. One of the most interesting and important things is being able to receive the warning signals the universe sends you, so you can avoid trouble.

Equally important and useful is the ability to receive the positive messages the universe is sending you, too. These are the messages that guide you toward your dreams and show you the things you need to do to fulfill them.

Using your psychic abilities, you can discover the true purpose of your life this time around and follow that path, improve all of the relationships in your life, love more deeply and be loved deeply in return, gain wealth, and improve your health so that you always feel mentally and physically at your best.

With your psychic abilities, you can be the happiest you’ve ever been, and you can assist others in gaining that same happiness, too.

The twins say that a friend once told them they were among the very few people that friend knew who were living truly authentic lives. There is no better way to be personally fulfilled than to live a fully authentic life.

The twins know this, and they want to share this wonderful gift with others. In “Psychic Intelligence,” they have done just that, and done it in a way anyone can understand. Grab the life you deserve, the one you’ve always dreamed of today. It all starts with reading “Psychic Intelligence,” by the Psychic Twins.

Psychic Intelligence: Tune in and Discover the Power of Your Intuition is now available on Amazon.

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