Spiritual Life

Are you attracted to the spiritual life? You may sense that there is something more to life, but not be able to put your finger on it. Maybe the reason for your own life has always eluded you. However, you crave something more. You know there are hidden mysteries in the universe and you want to explore their answers. If so, then you are ready to move beyond the regular lifestyle and develop your spiritual life.

What is the Regular Lifestyle?

The regular lifestyle encompasses the ordinary things that take up your time on an everyday basis, including things like:

  • Going to school or work
  • Choosing a job or career path
  • Dating and marrying
  • Renting or buying a home
  • Decorating and maintaining the home
  • Socializing with friends and family
  • Starting your own business
  • Spending time on a personal hobby
  • Pursuing a healthy diet
  • Choosing to exercise regularly to stay fit
  • Financial planning

The goals of a regular lifestyle are to have financial freedom and have fun doing the things you enjoy. Once you have a steady income and stable home, you can have a lot of freedom, do more of the things you love.

What’s Missing?

The things mentioned above in a regular lifestyle are supposed to bring you happiness. Supposedly, once you have an education, a home, a partner and a stable income, you’ll be happy. The freedom you obtain with steady income and possessions gives you plenty of free time and money to do things like travel, buy more things, eat out at restaurants, and experience “the best of what life has to offer.”

But think about that for a minute. Maybe you make plenty of money from your job or business. You have everything you ever wanted. You have a nice house, a fancy car and all the latest gadgets and technology. Are you always happy when you have those things? Or are you wondering why you still feel empty inside?

The problem is that possessions don’t truly make us happy. Possessions can make our physical selves more comfortable. Soft furnishings, comfortable clothing and delicious food make us feel good temporarily. After all, we experience pain from injuries and discomfort when hungry.

True happiness cannot be bought. If you are lacking something on the inside, then no amount of external forces can make up for that. Something is missing.

What is the Spiritual Life?

The spiritual life is a little bit different than the regular lifestyle. The spiritual life involves thoughts, emotions and connection with the spiritual world. The spiritual world is sometimes called the unseen world, because it’s invisible to us.

Something is invisible doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There are lots of examples of things that are invisible that definitely exist. Thoughts and emotions are invisible, yet they wield powerful influences over us.

Other examples of invisible things are the air, sound waves, light waves, magnetic fields, microscopic elements and living things, and wind. The spiritual world is a world that is unseen, yet it, too, wields a powerful influence on us.

What Things Make Up Spiritual Life?

Just as the everyday lifestyle has things that go along with it, there are common things that make up a spiritual life. These include things like:

  • Belief in the afterlife; such as heaven or purgatory
  • Faith in a supreme being, called God, Jesus or Goddess
  • An understanding that science doesn’t have all the answers to the universe
  • A belief that we are all connected somehow
  • A feeling that there are supernatural forces in the world
  • Belief in a final judgment, where we will all be held accountable for our actions
  • A sense of unseen presences, such as angels, ghosts, or malevolent beings
  • Practicing religious activities, such as worshiping and praying

These are all things that make up a spiritual life.  Many people feel a strong connection with God, Angels and Heaven. However, for the most part we avoid talking about these things in public for fear that people will judge us. That doesn’t mean that the spiritual life is not lived by many people.

Many of us go to church to worship and pray to God for our sins to be forgiven, and for our loved ones to be safe. The spiritual life is more prevalent than you might think.

What Does the Spiritual Life Offer?

Unlike the regular lifestyle, the spiritual life gives what we need to be truly happy on a long-term basis. The spiritual life feeds our inner selves so we are not spiritually starved. As humans, we need to take care of our body, heart, soul and mind. Without faith and hope, our lives don’t have anything to cherish. The spiritual life give us these three crucial things: Faith, hope, and inner peace.

The combination of these three things gives us a reason to live and to understand the reasons why we are here, and the purpose of our actions here on earth.

If you feel that your spiritual life is lacking, you can find true and long-lasting happiness by building up your spiritual self. You can create faith, hope and inner peace in your life, even if you have never experienced these things before. There are seven ways to do it.

Seven ways to help you live a wonderful spiritual lifestyle

Love Yourself

What does it mean to love yourself?  This doesn’t mean being selfish or thinking you’re better than others. Loving yourself in a spiritually healthy way simply means to make yourself happy.

To love yourself, focus on self-acceptance and self-confidence. This means accepting yourself as you are, right now. Know that you are already very special and capable of doing amazing, meaningful things with your life.

You don’t have to wait until you lose weight, make more money or buy new clothes to start loving yourself. You’re already fine the way you are. You are not alone in this world.  There are people who accept you for who you are. The world and the universe care about you.

Our world has many problems. Every individual has problems. If you’re born in a war torn country or live in a difficult situation, you still have to love yourself and accept what you have, even if it’s very little. There is always a way out of desperate situations. When you enrich your spiritual life, you enrich your overall life.

When you start to really love yourself, you’ll be happy with your current situation, no matter what it is. You will appreciate what you have, and understand that you have the power and ability to achieve whatever you want in life.

Instead of always feeling like you are worthless or don’t deserve happiness, you’ll begin to understand that everyone deserves happiness, including you. When you love yourself, your love will spread outward and you will find that you have more love for others. In turn, you will receive more love from the world, and everyone will be happier for it.

Focus on positive thinking

Positive thinking yields positive results. The most happy and successful people in the world know and use the power of positive thinking. Instead of thinking about all the reasons why they can’t do something, happy people focus on all the positive ways they can look at a problem and solve it.

Positive thinking people often use positive communication. They smile, make eye contact, and use positive words.

To become an excellent communicator or have a more positive attitude, use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement when speaking to others. Use every communication as a chance to uplift another human being instead of working to bring them down.

Of course, it’s natural to have both positive and negative thoughts in your mind. Everyone does. But positive thinking is a skill that you have to practice. Learning how to block negative thoughts takes time and patience. When you master this skill, you’ll be better able to recognize the negative thoughts as soon as they creep into your mind.

One way to keep negative thoughts out is to avoid reading about or listening to bad news. The media feeds off of people’s fears to sell advertisements. That’s why there are so many negative news stories all over television and the internet. If you succumb to this negativity, you won’t be able to master positive thinking. So the first step is to stop exposing yourself to the negativity that the media is trying to force on you.

Next, practice quiet meditation. This is free and easy to do, but you have to make time for it. Spend at least 15 minutes a day in a quiet room or area of your home. You can listen to meditation music if you want. Get comfortable and focus on thinking about positive things in your life. These could be past experiences, or things you would like to happen in the future.

As you go about your day, try to always see the bright side of things. Know that even when bad things happen, there are always good things to come around the corner.

Help Others

To lead a healthy spiritual life, it’s important to help others. We are all connected on a spiritual level. How you treat others reflects on yourself, but it also helps to spread goodness throughout the world.

When you help another person in some way, you make a good impression on them that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. You don’t have to be a martyr, but you should have an attitude of helping others when you are able.

Here are some ways that you can help others.

Perform random acts of kindness.

You could offer to carry someone’s heavy groceries, give a neighbor a lift to the store, or write a thank you note of praise to a store manager about one of their employees.

Help someone in emotional distress.

Everyone has problems. When you encounter a person who is in emotional distress you can help by lending your ear. Be a good listener, and just let them express their feelings. Don’t judge them or offer advice.

Let people know you hear them by repeating what they are saying to you. Using a soothing tone and don’t use harsh language or reprimand them. Make eye contact. If appropriate, hold their hand or put an arm around them.

Assist in physical emergencies

If you encounter someone who is having a physical emergency, such as a fall or other injury, you can offer comfort while they wait for the ambulance. If you have CPR or other training, you can use your skills to help them until the professionals arrive on the scene. Just knowing that they aren’t alone will be a great comfort to a person in an emergency.

Be generally helpful

Living a spiritual life means being generally helpful to others.

If you find a lost item, or a stray pet, go out of your way to return it to its owner.

Open doors for strangers.

If you see an elder person, woman or child standing on a crowded bus, offer your seat to them.

Volunteer for a local charity, or donate items or money if you can.

Be a friend to the law enforcement, and report any illegal activities you witness.

Keep the exterior of your residence tidy and pleasant looking for passers by.

Shovel your sidewalk and porch so that pedestrians and delivery persons are safer.

Be generous with tips for restaurant staff and service people like hairdressers, and valets. These people make minimum wage so they rely on customers’ tips to pay bills.

Love animals and the natural world

Living a spiritual life means understanding that animals and plants are to be respected and valued. Animals provide food for us to eat, and companionship.

The natural world includes trees, plants, flowers, earth, fire and rain. The more you spend time in nature, the healthier your physical and spiritual self will be. Humans were not meant to live inside four walls without sunlight. We need fresh air, sunshine and the wind to keep us healthy and vibrant.

Diving – A wonderful way to see natural wonders

One way to demonstrate your love for animals is to get a pet. Cats, dogs and birds all make loving pets. Be sure you don’t deprive your pet of the outdoors, either. No animal is meant to be inside all the time.

You can get closer to the natural world with a garden. Even if you have only a small apartment, you can have an indoor garden or a balcony garden. You can grow herbs or flowers or vegetables. Work the soil with your hands and harvest what you grow to nourish your body in the healthiest way.

Believe in your angels and miracles

Archangels and angels are written about in many ancient religious texts. These spiritual beings protect our physical body on earth and help to guide our souls to heaven after we pass away. Archangels and angels help to guide us in this life, too.

For example, the angel Gabriel delivered Jesus’s birth news to Mary, and an angel rescued Peter (Simon) from prison.

Most of us can’t see angels because they’re invisible. We don’t have the abilities to see archangels and angels. Your angels visit you when you sleep.

Never stop believing in your angels just because you don’t have results in the first time. For miracles to happen, you need a strong connection with archangels and angels.

Talk and pray to your angels every day to demonstrate your faith.  Ask angels for help when you have problems at school, work or family.

Have a psychic reading

Talking to a psychic helps you understand the hidden problems when you’re feeling lost in your career or relationship.

Consider scheduling a 30-minute healing session once every six months. This releases negative energy so you can have inner peace. Many psychics offer Aura cleansing, Chakras balancing and Reiki healing.

Psychic healing releases the emotional pain of stress, negative thoughts, depression and other problems.

Psychic healing or spiritual healing is similar to massage therapy.

Massage therapy focuses on releasing physical pains.

Spiritual healing focuses on releasing emotional pains.

It’s recommended to have a psychic reading once every 3 months to help foresee upcoming events.

Get psychic power

Psychic power gives you more control in career, love and personal adventures. With psychic power, you know how to do things or say things at the right place and the right time.

For example, the power of thoughts, if use properly, can attract good luck and money to you. Life is so good if you only have good days. You don’t remember any bad days because you never had one.

Another psychic power is the power of beauty. This special power gives you more years to live. You remain young and strong for a long time. Life is good because you have a lot of time to enjoy fun things.

Psychic power can help bring you peace and spiritual happiness. Psychic powers are rare, but they’re real. If you keep looking for powers, one day you’ll find it.

These keys to a spiritual life will give you inner peace, strength and happiness. When you become a spiritual person, you no longer need to pursue the temporary earthly enticements. You’ll enjoy perpetual, lasting spiritual health and happiness from within.

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