Before you start a psychic website

A psychic website can provide you with a rich sense of purpose. Not only might you be able to make money from your psychic website, but you will also be positively impacting the world around you. If you’ve been searching for a way to positively influence the world, then a psychic website might be the answer to your prayers.

Before you move ahead with your idea for a psychic website, it pays to do a bit of research. It doesn’t make sense to invest the time and money needed to build a psychic website unless you’re going to be fully committed to it. You should also make sure you have the necessary passion to manage the website after you have started it.

You will also need to make sure you know what you’re doing. Reading psychic books and speaking to a psychic directly will help to form the foundation of knowledge you’ll need to run an informative and helpful psychic website.

After you’ve visited a few existing psychic websites and have a clear plan for what you’re going to do, you’re ready to get started.

Buy a Domain Name

Your website needs a name. You’ll need a unique domain name for your website. You can buy domain names for as little as 99 cents, but most cost around $15 annually. Each year you’ll need to renew your domain name license so you don’t lose the name.

Buy Website Hosting

A web hosting company holds all the digital files for your website and enables your site to be online 24 hours a day. There are two kinds of web hosting:

1. Shared hosting is where your site is on a managed server along with many other sites. As long as your site doesn’t use up too much bandwidth, you should be fine with shared hosting, at least in the beginning. You should be able to buy shared hosting for about $5 per month.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated hosting is where your site is on a private server. You can run a private server from your own home or business if you know how. Dedicated or private hosting is much more expensive, but it comes with features that make it better for a busy and successful website to handle traffic.

Once your psychic website gains in popularity, it might make sense to move up to a dedicated hosting plan.

Private hosting allows your website run faster than shared hosting because of 5 reasons:

  • One server is for one website
  • You can configure and upgrade your web server resources including storage, memory and processing power
  • More control of your site
  • Much faster speed
  • More security

Private hosting has many interesting features and benefits. However, this plan costs at least $50 a month to thousands dollars a year. You also need to have solid knowledge of web server management including HTML, CSS, cPanel, WHM, etc.

Design your website

Your website design makes a big impression on your site visitors. Your design needs to be modern, easy to navigate and should communicate what your site is about. You will need to decide what colors and fonts you’ll be using on your site. You’ll also need to decide on the following:


All companies have some kind of logo that helps customers identify their brand. Even online companies that don’t have a brick and mortar presence have distinguishable logos that the public can easily recognize. You can buy a logo design from a web design online store, or you can hire a freelance designer to create a custom logo for you.

A quality logo will cost you about $200. You can get cheaper logos, but they tend to look cheaper too, so you have to weigh the consequences of appearing less than professional if you want to buy a cheap logo.

Images and Graphics

Having attractive and informative visual information is just as important as the other design features on your site. Images can consist of photographs or illustrations. They need to be top quality images in order to convey that your site is a professional site.

You don’t need to learn how to become a photographer, though. You can purchase stock photos and illustrations from stock photography website.

Graphics can be informational text boxes that offer added information to your site visitors. These might consist of pie charts, statistics or infographics. These graphics should be placed along the sides of your primary content, because they are considered to be supplemental information.

You can hire freelance designers to create graphics for you, or you can purchase inexpensive software to make your own graphics.


Your website will need lots of quality content in order to attract and retain site visitors. Quality content will also help your website get search engine traffic. Here is a list of some of the pages of content you’ll need for your psychic website:

Home Page

The home page is also referred to as a landing page, because this is usually where your site visitors first land when they visit your online website.

Contact Page

The contact page offers a way for your site visitors to send you a form or email with their questions and comments.

About Us Page

This page should tell your site visitors who you are and what your mission is regarding the psychic website.

Products or Services Page

This page will list all the services you provide and the products you sell, if any. Sometimes site owners list their prices next to the available services, but other times they will have a separate pricing page. The option is yours.

Terms of Service Page

This is a legal page that outlines what your business provides and what it does and doesn’t promise to site users.

Privacy Statement Page

This page details how you aim to protect the privacy of your customers.

Information/How it Works Page

This page is explanatory. It helps your psychic website visitors understand exactly what the process is when they decide to use your services.

Blog Pages

Blog pages consist of the articles you provide to your site visitors for their information. You can write about anything you like in your blog, so long as it’s related to your psychic website. It could be news related events, or helpful advice about how to use psychic services. It’s entirely up to you.

Most site owners aren’t writers, and they don’t try to write their own blog content. Instead, they enlist the help of specialist writers who write the blog posts anonymously. You would purchase the content from the writer and then post it yourself under your name or under a general name such as “admin.”

The 3 Main Components of Your Website

There are three main parts of your website that you need to be concerned with. They are:


This area is located at the top, or head of your site. The header typically contains your logo, navigation menu, search box, and sometimes your business telephone number.


This area is located in the middle of your site. The body of the site can contain your home page information, or your blog posts or your product and service description, images, graphics and more.


The footer is located at the bottom of all the pages of your site. The footer will contain valuable links that your site visitors can use, such as the terms of service page, privacy policy page, social media links, business hours, business address and more.

How to write excellent content

Whether you create a psychic blog or advertise your psychic services, providing excellent content is the most important part.

Your content will help site visitors and customers to learn more about psychic services and your business in particular. An educated visitor is one who is more likely to purchase your services or to come back to your site again and again.

If you don’t educate your site visitors, they won’t be able to make a buying decision or to know whether your site is a legitimate psychic services website.

When you create content for your site, whether you choose to write it yourself or hire a professional writer, you need to create content that is unique and high quality. Unique content is content that has not been copied from another place, just so you can “fill up” your website.Quality content is content that offers something of value to the reader.

Reading takes time, and you want your site visitors to feel that when they are finished reading your content, they have learned something they didn’t know before or they have seen a new way of looking at things.

Many people jump right into designing website color and layout before creating a content plan. It should be the other way around. You have a lot of planning and preparation to do before you put your site out there for others to look at.

Before you design things, you should have a title, headings and a few paragraphs. Without content, you can’t design anything because there’s nothing to design. You need to have your content plan in place so that you can fill your pages with all the content that we discussed earlier.

Putting content on your psychic website isn’t just a one-time deal, either. You need to continually post new articles and blogs on your site. This will work to continually bring new traffic to your site, and offer new sources of valuable information to your readers.

The more content you post on your site, the higher your traffic will be from search engines, and the more successful your psychic website will be. Most successful website owners make at least one new post each week in order to convey that the site is being well maintained, as well as to attract new site visitors.

One of the best ways to plan your ongoing content is to use an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a planning and visual aid that helps you plan out your content strategy days, weeks and months in advance. To give you an idea of how important an editorial calendar is, magazines and newspapers have been using them for decades.

Your editorial calendar doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It can be a regular calendar with blocks of space to write in titles of content articles and blog posts that you want to make on your website. You can use a paper calendar or a digital one, just so long as you keep up a routine of posting new and relevant information for your psychic website visitors.

Organizing Your Content

You can’t just throw content on your site and expect visitors to find it. The content needs to be organized into easily understood categories. For instance, you can add tags to your blog posts and articles. Whenever a site visitor searches for example, “children and psychics,” they will be presented with a list of your articles and blog posts that discuss children and psychics.

The tags can be anything you like, but you have to remember to add them to your content information when you post the content. Having your content organized helps your readers learn and understand more about your psychic website. It also helps your readers to find things quickly so they can go on to ordering your services.

Best Practices for Quality Content

Articles on your website should be at least 1000 words long. Shorter articles simply don’t have enough words to contain substantial information that will be helpful for your readers. On the reverse, don’t post too long of articles, either. Overly long articles that are repetitious or filled with fluff aren’t useful to your readers and they will stop reading and leave your site. They may never return.

When writing about psychic topics, pay attention to the following:

Researching a topic or gather information

Understand a topic

Add a good title

Add at least 3 headings or more

Add at least 2-3 paragraphs in each heading

Use short words, simple words, transition words, active voice and transitional paragraphs

Grammar and sentence check

A well-written article helps you create a positive impression with readers. This creates trustworthy content that your readers will appreciate. And, trustworthy content will receive many social media shares, and thus rank higher on search engines like Google.

Again, if you aren’t a writer, you should hire a professional writer to populate your website with quality content. Otherwise, your content—and your business—will suffer.

Advertise your psychic services if you are a psychic

Before you advertise your psychic services, you need to have a strong psychic portfolio. There are many popular psychics throughout the world. People tend to select psychics based on their reputation, ratings and online reviews, so you need to ensure that you have the highest ratings possible.

Other factors that people use to choose their psychics include price and accuracy. In other words, you have to be affordable and you have to have actual psychic abilities and skills.

What to Include in Your Psychic Portfolio

In your portfolio, include the following:

  • Up to date contact information
  • A professional photo
  • Relevant education or certifications
  • Psychic skills or areas of specialty
  • Why should people hire you? Why should people have a reading with you?
  • More about you. What is your story? How did you end up being a psychic reader?
  • What are your interests and hobbies? What do you do for fun?
  • Testimonials from previous clients (should be anonymous, or only use first names and last initial)
  • Your social media links

Keep up the good work

Did you finish creating your website? Congratulations!

The next thing you should do is to keep working on it. Each week, add new blog posts, special offers and other interesting features to your site. If you have a Facebook fan page, reply to other comments on your page.

Each week, check your website performance. You have to make sure the site runs fast and works properly. If there is a problem, you have to fix it immediately.

The benefits of creating a psychic website

People can find you online

You can reach people all over the world

You don’t need to invite strangers into your home

The cost is less than leasing a business site

You can accept payments online

You can work any hours you choose

Your business can be open 24 hours a day, every day of the year

Your business can grow without limit

FAQ about starting a psychic website

Do you have any questions about starting a website? Here are common questions about psychic website.

1. I’m not a psychic. Can I still create a psychic website?

You don’t have to be a psychic in order to create a psychic website. Building a website is based on your passions and interests. In fact, you can create a website about any topics you like. It could be about a fashion blog, psychic blog, or any topics that interest you.

However, if you plan to provide psychic reading services, you must be a psychic or you must provide access to a psychic through your website. If you like, you can get training by taking psychic lessons from professional psychics or attending psychic classes.

3. How much does it cost to create a psychic website?

If you can do the following by yourself, the cost can be less than $400 a year.

  • Design the front end and the back end of your site
  • Manage your web server or web hosting account
  • Solve problems related to web coding
  • Write content
  • Use your own images

2. Are Psychic Topics Popular With Online Searches?

According to U.S. market research, psychic topics are one of the most popular searches that people conduct. As this world becomes more uncertain, more and more people are looking for answers from psychics. Psychics, psychic services and psychic readings are popular searches on Google.

Google also shows people high rating psychics in your local area, so you should strive to be one of the ones listed.Many psychic articles have been featured on popular news website such as The Huffington Post and Forbes.

Psychics appeared on top hits movies and TV shows such as Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer.Other excellent psychic movies are The Conjuring and Insidious.

4. What topics should I cover on my psychic website?

The main goal of a psychic website is to help people live a happy lifestyle. It promotes peace, success, wellness and love. Here is a list of psychic topics you should include:

  • Psychics (clairvoyant, clairaudient, etc.)
  • Psychic readings
  • Psychic powers
  • Psychic tools
  • Psychic websites review
  • Psychic scams
  • Psychic abilities
  • Popular psychics around the world
  • Meditation
  • Mind, body and wellness
  • Auras and their color meanings
  • Paranormal events
  • Supernatural events
  • and more

As you start your psychic website design and creation, the important thing to keep in mind is that you should be doing it for the sake of helping others. As long as your heart has good intent, your psychic website has a strong possibility of being a success.


“How to create a psychic website” article provides general information and helpful tips only. If you have technical questions or look for up to date information, please contact your web hosting companies.

There are many web design books on Amazon and You Tube web design tutorials that help you start. If you’re new to web design, you should use WordPress to create your first website. If you want to program the website or build the site from scratch, you can code the site by writing HTML and CSS.

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