Do you have psychic powers?

Have you ever felt like you had psychic powers? You don’t call yourself psychic in front of other people, but sometimes you feel like you could be psychic. Maybe you feel like you are psychic only some of the time.

Every now and again, you might know what’s going to happen, or something you said or thought ended up happening in real life. You had a dream about an event and then you read online the next day that it happened.

If this sounds like some of the things that you think or feel, it could be that you have psychic powers, and it helps to start off know what kind you might have. There are many different kinds of psychic powers.

1. Psychometry

Psychometry is the power to see and feel things when you touch an object. For example, when you receive a pen from a friend, you feel sad when you touch that pen, because your friend is sad. Or you might be someone who visits an antique store, picks up an old piece of crockery, and in your mind you can see the owner of the crockery, stirring in her kitchen with a wooden spoon.

Psychometry can be jarring at first, but once you get used to it and realize that you’re picking up on the energy that’s left on objects, it becomes a powerful psychic ability.

2. Telekinesis

The power to move small and big objects without touching them is called telekinesis. Those who have telekinesis may be able to move a pencil across a desk, or even a table from the kitchen to the living room.

Usually, if your telekinesis powers are young or weak, you will only be able to move light or small objects. As powers increase, a telekinetic psychic will be able to move heavier, large objects.

If you’re telekinetic, you might feel the energy to move things coming from your eyes and your mind. You might even find that you move things without doing it on purposes. This just means that you still need to learn how to control your powers.

3. Telepathy

The power to read the thoughts of other people is called “mind reading,” or telepathy. Telepathy is knowing what other people are thinking even when they haven’t said a word. If two people are telepathic, they can communicate with each other without speaking.

They may be in the same room together or, if the telepathy is very strong, they could be at great distances apart and still be able to know what the other is thinking.

In people with psychic abilities, they may find that over time, they develop close relationships with their spouse and their telepathic powers increase as the years go on.

4. Teleportation

The power to travel in short and long distances within minutes is called teleportation or “travel” abilities. You can move both physical body and soul. Not many people are able to teleport, but some can. It’s not likely that those who can teleport advertise their abilities, because this psychic power could be a coveted tool that could be exploited by certain individuals or organizations.

5. Levitation

Gravity is a strong force that grounds most of us to the Earth. Those gifted with levitation, or the power to fly, can lift themselves up with no help from any device. The levitation might be only a centimeter, or it might come in the form of an ability to actually fly. In order to levitate, you need to have a clear mind and a good heart in order to take this leap of faith.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino was a priest who sometimes levitated during mass and during community prayers. In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus walked on water in order to join his disciples at they fished from a boat on the Sea of Galilee.

Legend says that a highly spiritual person who is pure of heart can walk on the ocean, the sky, even blink through the bottomless chasm. There is an invisible bridge that connects both the visible things and invisible things on Earth, and to walk on this invisible bridge you have to see it and believe it.

6. The Third Eye

The third eye is your psychic eye. Its position is between your eyes, just above your nose. It’s not a physical eye, nor do you have to worry that if you develop your psychic powers you’ll grow an actual third eye. The third eye is invisible and will always remain invisible, no matter how well you develop your psychic powers.

The third eye will become more powerful and more effective at helping you grow as a psychic. When you open your third eye, you awaken your psychic power.

7. Astral Projection

Astral projection refers to the awesome power for your spirit to leave your physical body and travel independently to other locations on Earth, into space, or even to another universe. If you have the power of astral projection, your spiritual body can “project” or travel to the coldest place on Earth or to another planet like the Moon and the Sun.

Your spiritual body can go to a place on Earth like inside a house or atop a mountain. It can even go back in time, or into the future. However, when your spiritual body leaves your physical body behind, you can no longer control the physical body until you come back. That’s why you should ask someone to watch your physical body or perform spiritual protection before you go.

8. Dream Prophecy

Dream prophecy is the psychic power to see the future of yourself and mankind when you sleep. You might witness huge events like the final days of the world. You might see wars taking place in the future in faraway places, or catastrophes that have yet to occur.

These dream visions might be frightening, but you are seeing them for a reason. Although you can’t control them, having these prophetic dreams can serve as a warning so that you can prepare for what the dream foretells.

9. Automatic Writing

When a spirit from the other side needs to communicate something in writing, they will use someone who has the psychic power of automatic writing. This refers to the power to write without thinking. If you have this power, you can hold a writing instrument in your hand and write without controlling where the pen or pencil goes on the paper, or what it is writing.

Sometimes, psychics with this automatic writing power close their eyes while they hold the pen or pencil, and don’t even look at the paper until the writing has ceased. If this has happened to you, you might be surprised by the words written, but they are a message from the spirit world that should be heeded.

10. The Power of Thoughts

The power of thoughts is the phenomenon of mind over matter. It’s the psychic ability to make things happen just by thinking about them. Some people in history have called it the law of attraction, and it’s the strongest power that a human can possess. You can make things happen by thinking about them.

The things usually happen in unexpected ways.

The power of thoughts is powerful because it can bring both positive and negative energy into your life. This is an important psychic power to get control of so that you reap the positive aspects of it.

11. Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

The power to see things in the past, present and future. Use your third eye to awake this power. For more information, please see Clairvoyant

12. Clairaudience (clear hearing)

The power to hear the Spirit World talking. You can hear the animals, spirits and Angels. For more information, please see Clairaudient.

13. Claircognizance (clear knowing)

The power to know things instantly without thinking about it. For more information, please see Claircognizant.

14. Clairsentience (clear feeling)

The power to feel people and things. For more information, please see Clairsentient.

These psychic powers are available to all of us. It needs to be recognized and developed. It’s your choice to activate these powers within you. These powers are not new. People have been using psychic powers since the beginning of time to create prosperity for themselves and for mankind.

What Are The Best Ways To Develop Your Psychic Powers?

In many cases, your psychic abilities come and go at random. You have no control over when you have a psychic incidence, and often no way of telling when your dream is just a dream or when it’s a premonition. That’s natural, because you haven’t yet learned how to develop your psychic powers.

The first step is to find out your natural psychic power from the list above. This power has been available to you since you were born, but you might not have been aware of it until now. Maybe your one or both of your parents were very psychic, but they didn’t want to tell you about the psychic powers in the family.

For whatever reason you haven’t yet figured out your natural psychic power, the best way to develop your power at this stage is to contact a psychic. During your reading, your psychic will teach you how to discover your true, inner, natural psychic power.

Make sure you have at least a 15 minutes phone reading when you want to learn about psychic power, because it will take that long for you to explain your situation and for the psychic to tap into your spirit and help guide you toward finding your own personal psychic path.

Another way to learn more about the hidden psychic powers within you is to attend a psychic workshop or class in your local area. Workshops and classes like these will help you connect with other people who are trying to figure out their own natural psychic powers, and the support of the psychic community will be helpful for you.

Learn To Use Your Psychic Power

When you start to practice and use your psychic powers, you might become overwhelmed. Psychic powers are very powerful, so you need to understand your power and learn to control it. One of the most common issue that people with psychic powers have is that they don’t know how to turn them off. You can imagine how troublesome this can be.

For example, if you are telepathic, you can always read people’s thoughts, even when you don’t want to. You need to learn how to turn your psychic powers on and off, so you can lead a normal, happy life.

If you don’t learn to use your psychic powers, you can be confused by what is happening in this world, versus the messages that you’re receiving from the spirit world.

When you have psychic powers, you shouldn’t over use them. For instance, if you are adept at astral projection, you shouldn’t lie in bed all day and night while you project your spirit body throughout the universe. Your physical body would deteriorate, and your spirit self would then have no body to come home to.

A psychic reading can help you gain control over using your psychic powers. Practicing psychics have already learned how to turn their powers on and off. They don’t always read people’s minds or have visions whenever they touch things.

A psychic reader can help you with tools and ideas for controlling and using your psychic powers responsibly for your own enrichment and the betterment of mankind.

FAQ About Psychic Power

1. What happens after I awaken my power?

Your awakened psychic power may give you mild physical reactions or sensations. These are okay and normal. As time passes, they will become less of an intrusion in your everyday life. You may experience things like:

  • A slight headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Seeing images of things, people, colors, symbols or numbers when you sleep
  • Food allergies
  • Increased sensitivity to people

All of this symptoms are normal. It happens because your spiritual body has been awoken. The physical body and the spiritual body are now connected. After a few months, you will become like a new, more awake, version of yourself.

The way you think and the way you work will not be as it used to be. You will have a heightened sense of awareness about yourself and the world.

You may even realize mistakes you made in the past. It’s likely that you’ll change your lifestyle habits. You may quit doing things that harm you, such as smoking or gambling, and start doing things that improve you, like meditation or exercising. You will continue to move on, but as a much stronger, wiser person, after you’ve awakened your psychic powers.

2. Is Psychic Power Evil?

Psychic power is neither evil nor good. It just is. You can use psychic power to create good in the world. But some people may choose to use their psychic power for bad things. If you are reading this, and trying to work on yourself and your psychic powers, chances are you will be a person who will use your awesome powers to help make the world a better place.

Those who use psychic powers for good are stronger. For instance, in the case of levitation, only those with a pure heart can even attain the power of levitation. So you can see that the spirit world wants you to use your powers for good.

3. I Attend Religious Services. Can I Still Develop Psychic Power?

Definitely. Belief in psychic power is not a form of religion, and it does not compete with religion. In fact, both psychics and many religions share a belief in the spirit world. When you practice your psychic powers and work on developing them, you are not worshiping anyone or anything, nor are you praying to anyone or anything.

You are not being disloyal to your religion by developing the psychic power that you were naturally born with. You always have a choice of developing your psychic powers.

If you choose to learn more and develop them to become stronger, you can. If you choose not to receive the benefits of your psychic power, that’s perfectly okay, too. No psychic will ever ask you to choose between religion and psychic powers, because you don’t have to.

4. Should I Talk To My Friends and Family About My Psychic Power?

People have different comfort levels when it comes to discussing psychic powers. Apart from that, everyone is interested in talking about different topics. Some people might be very open to what you have to say about your psychic power. Others may become so interested in the conversation that they want to take the journey with you.

You might even end up helping them too, develop their psychic powers. Still others may scoff at the idea and try to make you feel foolish for talking about it.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how your friends and family will react when you discuss your psychic powers. You can try to bring up the topic slowly with someone you know very well, and use your psychic powers to discern how they are reacting and feeling about it.

It’s best not to try to broach the subject with strangers who don’t know you well. If you are talking to a friend or family member though, and they are interested, that might be someone you can share your experiences with safely.

Avoid talking about your psychic power in public or in group settings such as classrooms or workshops where you don’t know everyone. Your psychic abilities are very powerful and until you find someone you can trust to talk about them with, it’s best to keep it to yourself.

How A Psychic Reading Helps You Unlock Psychic Power

Since professional psychics have training in psychic development, they have very strong psychic powers. They are experts at helping people like you to identify and develop your psychic power. They do this when they access your Akashic Records. During a psychic reading, psychics travel to another dimension in the Spirit World to find your Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records is a library of your life events. It reveals all information about you. Think about a drawer in the desk. Inside a drawer, there are many folders. Each folder has a name. For example, school folder, relationship folder or money folder. A “psychic power” folder is in the drawer. Psychics open your “psychic power” folder and see a list of your powers. That’s how a psychic knows without a doubt about your psychic power. It’s really that simple.

After a psychic identifies your natural psychic power, that psychic can help you to develop it. A psychic can teach you how to use certain psychic tools or gemstones. Since learning how to use your powers takes some time, a short reading is not nearly enough time for you to learn everything that you need to know in order to learn about your Akashic Records, and to develop your psychic powers.

To really get into it and develop your psychic powers the way you deserve, it would be best for you if you choose one of the following options:

Option One: Phone Reading

If you choose phone reading, you need to have at least 15 minutes to learn about your power. You should call the same psychic to follow up each week so you don’t have to repeat yourself, and your sessions will be progressive. One fifteen minute session won’t be sufficient, so either plan on staying on longer, or plan to call back repeatedly.

Option Two: Workshop and Class

If you attend a local psychic workshop or take a group class, check the local event’s time and location. Some psychics host “psychic development or psychic abilities” classes in your area for a fee.

Whatever options you choose, you’ll have to practice. You have to be patient and follow the instructions that your psychic gives you.

Your psychic power is your own natural ability. It’s there for you if you choose to find it and develop it. Psychic power can be a strong ally in this world, so it makes sense to at least find out what yours is, so you can make the right decision about how to use it in your life. If you do, you’ll start to see how your life opens up and improves in ways you never dreamed possible.

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