Psychic Children

The children of the earth are among the most psychic creatures of anyone. Some children continue to develop their psychic abilities through their teens and into adulthood. They may become psychic readers, or they may choose to use their abilities in a more private way for the betterment of mankind.

For other children, the ability fades away until it is only a vestige of what it once was. As a civilization, it behooves us to encourage and nurture the natural psychic abilities of children worldwide, for psychic abilities go hand-in-hand with other positive traits such as compassion, understanding and enlightenment.

Why are children psychic?

Children are new living things to this earth. They are the brand new physical embodiment of their spirit selves. Since they were only recently reincarnated into this new life, only a short time has passed since they were in their past life. Children are also more strongly connected to the spirit realm than adults.

Because of this, there still lingers strong memories and feelings of who they were in their past life. While many adults may have lost that strong connection between this life and previous ones, children retain that thread that connects this life and their previous life.

The Free Minds of Children

Children have free minds. Meaning, they do not feel hindered or inhibited about their thoughts and feelings like so many adults might. The minds of children are rich with color and their thoughts are boundless.

Children are not limited by what they are taught to think, or what they are supposed to be thinking about. Children let their minds wander freely, like the seeds of a dandelion floating in the breeze.

The Imaginary World of Children

The wonderful, limitless imagination of children is something to cherish. Children believe in what they imagine. When adults say, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it,” we stretch our belief system.

For children, they don’t need a mantra. They already know that there is little distance between the spirit world, or what they connect with in their minds, and the real world.

This is why children are so quick to believe whatever adults tell them, no matter how fantastical it may seem to us. The fairy tales we send our child to sleep with; stories of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, magic beans and giants, these are easily understood by children.

Children inherently understand that there can be invisible creatures in the universe because they only recently came from such a place themselves.

Have you ever come across a child playing in their room who was talking to their invisible friend? Or perhaps your own child has an invisible playmate who sits with your family at dinner and needs her own plate of food. Imaginary friends like this are common with children, especially children who still very connected to the psychic world.

In a child’s imagination, there is little difference between the imaginary world they create and the physical world that they share with adults. The psychic child has no trouble seeing their imaginary friend sitting at the table. The child can clearly hear that invisible friend speaking to them, just as clearly as they hear their parents talking.

Proof of an Invisible World

There is a visible world, and an invisible world. The visible world needs little description. It consists of everything around you that you see, hear, taste and feel.

The invisible world is made up of the things that cannot be seen or heard, at least by most people. The invisible world is also referred to as the “spirit world,” “higher dimension,” or “Heaven.”

Some people think that there is no invisible world, because they will only believe in what they can see or hear. You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “I’ll believe it when I see it”?

The invisible world might be difficult for some people to imagine, until you consider some scientific facts.

Scientists understand that there are many elements and phenomena in the world that cannot be seen with the naked eye. For example, only a few decades ago, textbooks taught that the smallest particle in the universe was a molecule.

Years later, atoms were discovered and teachers taught that atoms are the smallest particles.

Now, scientists know there are sub-atomic particles. But molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles are all invisible to the naked eye. We must use a special tool, a microscope, to see these things. Even with a microscope, sub-atomic particles are invisible.

How did scientists detect something that is invisible? By noticing the effect that these particles have on other, visible elements. This is the same way that we discovered that the earth is round, far before we had rocket ships to go out in space and see for ourselves. Discerning scientists noticed the shadows that the sun made on earth and deduced that our earth was round and not flat.

A real case study is the speed of the Earth’s rotation. According to NASA, the Earth is moving about 1,000 miles per hour while you’re standing or sitting here. You probably don’t feel or see the Earth is spinning. In fact, things are moving around you even though you don’t see it.

Animals can hear sounds we cannot hear, and see things we cannot see. These are all from an invisible world. Another example of proof of the invisible world is the wind. You can’t see the wind. But you can see its effects. You can see how the wind blows the dandelion seeds across the meadow or bends the branches of a tree. You see the effects of the invisible world, so you know there must be an invisible world.

Psychic Children and the Invisible World

It’s the same with children. Children can see and hear things in the invisible world, just as easily and naturally as we can see and hear things in the visible world.

Most adults can’t see the invisible world because we don’t have enough psychic power to see it. The invisible world has higher energy frequency and different living conditions.

In the invisible world, for instance, spirit inhabitants are not bound by gravity. They can fly without effort. Because these inhabitants have no physical body, they experience no hunger and no pain. Time is different in the spirit world, too. There are no clocks, and possibly no day or no night. Spirits from the invisible world love to communicate and play with children.

The innocence of children makes them attractive to spiritual beings, as well as psychic children’s natural ability to see and communicate back with the spiritual beings in the invisible world.

These spirits want to make children happy and care for them. Spirits teach children kindness, so when these children grow up, they become kind people. The future of our world begins with our children. If our children are taught with love and kindness, they will build a peaceful world when they grow up.

The Connection between the Visible World and the Invisible World

There is a connection between the visible world and the invisible world. The invisible world is a place where angels reside, the final resting place of spirits and a safe haven for people who have passed away from their life on the physical realm we call Earth.

We know there is a connection between the spirit realm and the physical realm, because we have contact with spirits in the invisible world. Psychic children and psychic adults are living proof that communication can go back and forth between our visible world and our invisible world.

Also, we have scientific evidence to show that invisible phenomena exert a force over earth and all its inhabitants. This evidence is in the sun, moon, planets and stars. It is all around us.

Signs that your child is a psychic

Are you wondering if your child is a psychic? Here are some common signs that manifest themselves in psychic children.

  • They can guess the contents of a present before opening it
  • They sense your moods and console or avoid you without your saying anything
  • They seem to predict occurrences, no matter how small or slight
  • They avoid obstacles before you’ve even noticed the obstacle
  • They have an imaginary friend
  • They are exceedingly compassionate
  • They are very sensitive
  • They refuse to do certain things or go certain places, seemingly with no cause
  • They know how to do some things even though they’ve never been taught
  • They know their way around places you’ve never brought them before
  • They sometimes stare into space and don’t hear when you call their name
  • They seem to go into momentary trances
  • They laugh out loud for seemingly no reason
  • They appear to be “in their own world” a lot of the time
  • They talk about friends you’ve never heard of
  • They are braver than most other kids their age
  • They seem to have a special connection with your pets, friends’ pets, or wildlife in the backyard
  • They tell you of impending things before they happen, such as the phone ringing
  • They often look deeply into your eyes and seem to read your soul
  • They point to things you cannot see

What are parents’ roles?

As parents, our primary responsibilities are to feed and clothe our children and send them to school. But beyond that, our roles are to nurture our children and help them to develop into the best person they can be.

As a parent of a psychic child, you have further responsibilities. You should try to support your child so that they retain their abilities for as long as possible, potentially into adulthood. It’s important to be accepting of unusual behavior in your psychic child.

For instance, if your child said something like this at a funeral, “Mom, grandma is standing over there,” how would you respond to that question? A supportive parent might ask the child to say something, such as, “please tell grandma I love her.”

It’s important to realize that children don’t lie. They are taught to lie later in life, by society. Innocent children tell us what they see and what they hear. Because they are so connected to the spiritual realm, and the invisible world is so real to them, children simply don’t understand the difference between our world and the invisible world.

They don’t understand that you can’t see grandma. They don’t know that you can’t actually see their invisible friend at the table, or that you can’t sense the spiritual world.

Many children feel isolated when they share their psychic abilities with insensitive classmates at school. These classmates would make fun of psychic children because psychic children are different, and many insensitive children are afraid of or don’t understand that it’s okay to be different.

Psychic children are sometimes victims of bullying at school. They might have trouble making friends, because they are misunderstood. This is the part where children need help from parents the most. Psychic children need emotional support so they can feel safe about expressing themselves in the public.

What can supportive parents do?

The first thing you should do as a supportive parent is to love and comfort your children as much as possible. Loving parents can help to guide psychic children by advising them on what to keep private. Privacy is an important lesson for all children to learn, but most of all for psychic children.

At home, psychic children should be allowed to express themselves freely and without judgment. A supportive parent never judges.

If your psychic child has trouble adjusting at school, or making friends, consider transferring to another school. Remembering that your child doesn’t lie to you, it’s crucial that you listen attentively to any problems or complaints your child expresses about what’s happening at school.

Your psychic child will pick up on animosity and danger faster than anyone else will be able to, including the teachers. Listen to what your child is telling you, and don’t disregard it simply because the teacher or principal claims “everything is fine.”

If you determine that the problems are serious, don’t force your child into war with their classmates. School should not be a battleground for your child. School should be a nurturing positive environment where your child can feel safe and wanted.

Avoid telling your child to “stick up for himself,” or “give that bully what he deserves.” It’s not your child’s responsibility to fight battles. It’s your responsibility to keep your sensitive psychic child safe.

As sensitive beings of this earth, psychic children deserve all the support parents can provide. In order to ensure that sensitive psychic children do not succumb to the negative feelings that can harm them, like depression, anxiety or worse, we need to care for our psychic children with respect, honor and the same understanding and compassion that psychic children offer to the world.

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