Psychic Dream Interpretation

A psychic reader can interpret your dreams. Dream is full of mysterious and confusing imagery, but they are also filled with important information that you need to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

When you consult with a psychic reader about your dreams, you can get a detailed dream reading that helps you interpret the message of your dream, understand your dream symbols, and discern all the mysterious ways that your spiritual self works.

The History of Dreams

Since the dawn of ages, there have been dreams. Every man, woman and child in this realm experiences the phenomenon of dreaming. It’s even speculated that animals dream.

Anyone who has ever had a pet can testify to evidence that dogs, cats and other animals appear to dream while sleeping.

Yet, despite the fact that all living creatures likely dream, dreams have long held an air of mystery. The reason may be because dreams are an entirely private experience, impossible to share with another person during the actual dream.

As such, dreams have been understood in different ways by various cultures over the eons.

In some cultures, dreams were considered important messages from the Gods. In the New Testament of the Bible, there are numerous stories of God speaking to people through dreams; to warn of dire consequences, instruct, and to educate.

The Virgin Mary herself is said to have been visited in her dreams by the angel Gabriel, who foretold the birth of Jesus.

Other cultures saw dreams as a conduit for the dead to speak to the living. There are still many today who can tap into their dreams to communicate with those who have passed on to another dimension.

The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians interpreted dreams and symbols to heal the sick, deliver important messages to the rulers, and to predict the future.

Historically, famous leaders such as Frederic the Great, Napoleon and even Martin Luther King Jr. used dreams and dream symbolism to foretell the future, inspire armies, motivate people, and to effect positive change in the world.

What is a dream?

Strictly speaking, a dream is a series of pictures and sounds that you experience while you are sleeping. Your eyes are closed, so you should not be able to see, yet you do. Your brain is asleep, so you should not be able to hear, yet you do.

You cannot hear what is outside your body in the room where you are sleeping, yet in your dream, you can easily hear the slightest buzz of a bumblebee, or the tread of bare feet on grass. Your body sleeps, so you cannot speak aloud, and yet in your dream, you can often speak with ease.

Dreaming is an experience where you live while you sleep. It might be the closest we can come to being aware while being dead to the world. Perhaps it is an insight into what it is to die. No one can say for sure.

Psychics and scholars define dreams as a time when your soul leaves the physical body and travels to the magical realms. While the soul is traveling in this other realm, you are able to receive communication from Guardian Angels, departed loved ones, our divine supreme being, or other spirits.

In your dream state, you are unencumbered by the distracting static of this world. The dream state is one where you are most receptive to the important messages you need to receive.

What does science have to say about dreams?

Science takes a very cold approach to the whole concept of dreams. Since scientists cannot acknowledge anything they cannot see or touch, they have a very difficult time explaining why people dream or what happens when you’re dreaming.

What they can do is measure brain activity, since that’s something they can hook up to electrodes. Using these implements and more, scientists have determined that there are 5 stages that occur during sleep.

Stage 1: light sleep – This is the surface stage, where you can easily be awakened again with the slightest sound or movement in the room.

Stage 2: eye movement stops – In this stage, brain activity slows down considerably, and all eye movement stops.

Stage 3: deep sleep – Stages 3 and 4 are commonly called delta sleep. It’s the stage where it’s very difficult to wake the person, and the brain waves are very slow and long. No muscle activity or eye movement occurs during this stage.

Stage 4: deep sleep – see stage 3 description

Stage 5: rapid eye movement – In this stage, also called REM, dreaming occurs. It may happen late into the night, or even in the early morning. REM sleep is the deepest sleep stage, yet, it is when the body’s muscles and brain activity most closely resemble being awake. The eyes move rapidly back and forth, and brain wave activity is at its peak, almost at the same level as when fully awake.

The two forms of human existence

Most people would agree that our human existence takes two forms. There is the physical body and the spiritual body.

The physical body is chained to this earthly realm and has in common with it all the physical limitations, such as gravity, aging, pain, injury, healing, etc. The physical body can touch and be touched. It can move within the confines of the earth. The physical body, though, is not the total of what you are as a human.

The spiritual body is the “you” inside the physical body. The spiritual body, called the “soul,” cannot be seen or touched. It is unrestrained by physical limitations because it is not comprised of physical matter. The spiritual body holds all of our feelings, ideas, emotions and memories. The spiritual body is the essence of who you are.

The spiritual body and dreams

During waking hours, your physical body is active. You move, relax and play, all inside your physical body. But the physical body needs rest. It cannot function ceaselessly. It needs time to recharge, to heal itself and to repair injured parts. So you sleep.

During sleep, you enter the sleep stage one. You move through all the way to stage four, where your spiritual body takes over. In that stage, you and your spiritual body are unconfined by the limitations of the earth.

When your spiritual self takes over, you experience dreaming. Your soul travels to another dimension, or another world, where it can learn, grow, receive information, communicate with other spirits and meet with other souls whose physical bodies are also sleeping.

The possibilities in the spiritual world of dreaming

In your dreams, you are able to perform feats that you are unable to in the physical world. You can fly through the clouds, or you can skate over ice as if you were a professional figure skater. You can move through objects instead of going around them.

You can know what others are thinking, and you can speak without talking if you want. You can sing like a nightingale or swim underwater without holding your breath.

In the spiritual world of dreaming, you can do absolutely anything.

You can also meet with other souls who are dreaming. You can meet with other people who might be alive or passed on from this life. Time is non-existent in the spiritual worlds of dreaming. There is no past, present or future. This is why often, you can’t tell how long a dream lasted. You might wake and feel like the dream lasted hours, but you were only in stage four a few minutes.

Time is not relevant between the spiritual world and our earthly world.

Types of Dreams

There are many different kinds of dream, which we’ll go into here. No one has all the same kinds of dreams all the time, and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern with dreams. In other words, you can have one kind of dream one night and a completely different kind of dream the next.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are often considered the most fun kind of dream. The word lucidity refers to being completely aware and easily understood. Some people mistakenly think that a lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is able to control events, but it’s actually a dream where the dreamer is aware he is dreaming.

In lucid dreams, however, it is quite common for the dreamer to be able to control events. What happens in a lucid dream is this:

The dreamer is aware, or lucid, that he is dreaming. He then realizes that the events might be controlled. He then begins to exert control over the dream, and is sometimes able to somewhat manage the outcome. A lucid dream can be a good dream, a bad dream, a nightmare or a prophetic dream.

Bad Dreams

A bad dream can be distinguished from a nightmare. In a bad dream, sorting unpleasant happens, but it’s not necessarily frightening or horrifying like a nightmare can be. A bad dream might also contain elements of a prophetic dream, but it usually does not begin as a lucid dream, though it can end up that way.

An example of a bad dream might be one where a death of a loved one occurs, or where one’s possessions are lost to fire or flood, or one where the dreamer is lost and can’t find their way home. These are all bad situations that, if they happened in real life, would be very bad.

Bad dreams make us feel just as bad as if they did happen in real life. Since the soul does experience emotions and feelings, and the soul is awake and aware during bad dreams, the lasting effect upon waking can be just as bad as if the events unfolded in real life.


Nightmares are horrible dreams that few people want to experience. The elements of nightmares are too bad to mention here, and since everyone has had at least one nightmare, it’s enough to briefly discuss how a nightmare is different than a bad dream.

Nightmares touch us in our most vulnerable places within our souls. Our worst fears might be realized during a nightmare. Life and death is usually at stake during a nightmare, and outcries that reach beyond the other world and into the physical realm are common.

If you have a nightmare, you may actually wake in the middle of it if your soul determines that the fear is too great for you to handle. You may wake up in a cold sweat, or with a scream, and you might be disoriented when you first open your eyes from a nightmare.

Prophetic Dreams

In prophetic dreams, you can often see the future of your life. Prophetic dreams are often rife with symbols that are hard to understand the meaning of. In a prophetic dream, you may have someone familiar from your past, present or future who gives you an important message. The message may be obvious, but it may also be cryptic.

You may awaken from a prophetic dream with a strong sense that there was a meaning for you to realize, but you may not be able to discern the meaning. Prophetic dreams often stay with the dreamer for days, weeks or months afterward, because the soul is trying to get your conscious mind to understand the urgent message.

The message can be anything in a prophetic dream. It could be that there is asbestos in your baby’s nursery, or it could be that you will soon inherit a large sum of money. Both good and bad news can be imparted in a prophetic dream.

A psychic reader who specializes in dream interpretation can help you to figure out the meaning of your dreams, whether they stem from a good or bad dream, a nightmare or a prophetic dream.

If you have a cryptic dream, you should seek the help of a talented psychic reader so that you can receive the message that your spiritual self is trying to send you through your dreams.

FAQs about dreams

As much as psychic readers know about dreams, many people have some of the same questions about dreams and dreaming. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about dreams.

1. If I die in my dream, will I die in real life?

No. Your physical body cannot be affected by your dream during the dream.

Even though you may experience deep and realistic pain in your dream about dying, your physical body is unaffected.

However, a dream of this nature may be prophetic about death or danger, so you should be extra careful and limit travel plan until you can have your dream interpreted by a psychic reader.

2. I’m dreaming and I wake up. 15 minutes later I go back to sleep and have the same dream again. Sometimes I continue the previous dream, what does it mean?

During dreaming, your soul is on a spiritual journey that must be completed.

If you are accidentally awakened, your should still needs to complete that journey, so your dream will continue until its natural end, even if it has to be interrupted in the middle.

3. I feel good when I have good dream. I’m tired when I have bad dream. Why?

As explained earlier, your spiritual body is the soul, which is your true self. Your soul is where all of your feelings, emotions and memories are.

As you dream, you experience those feelings from the dream just as you would if you were awake. That’s why feelings from your dreams carry over into the waking world.

4. Are sleepwalking and dreaming the same?

No. Dreaming is a spiritual journey that your soul makes while you are asleep. Sleepwalking is a physical manifestation of a malfunction of your brain. When your brain is asleep, the muscles of your eyes and your body are placid.

Sometimes, the brain gets confused during this stage, and your eyes and muscles are put into “awake mode,” while your consciousness remains asleep.

This is why many sleepwalkers appear to be fully awake, but have no memory of their words or actions when they do truly wake up.

5. Can I control my dreams?

Some people can control their dreams to a certain extent. However, your soul uses dreams as a way to teach you or communicate with you about things that are going on in your life, or things that are going to happen in the future. You can’t control these aspects of your dream.

6. Why do I Keep Having the Same Dream Over and Over?

Recurring dreams happen over a period of time that may span days, weeks, months or even years. If you have a dream that keeps repeating itself, or certain elements in a dream that keep reappearing, it’s because your soul’s message isn’t being received. Your spiritual self has a message that it’s trying to get you to heed, but you aren’t heeding it.

This is the most common reason why you need to seek the help of a psychic reader. The reader can help to understand and interpret that recurring dream so that you finally receive the information that your spiritual self has been trying to convey. Until you have resolved the dream, and received the message, the dream will keep recurring.

Sleeping disorders and sleep problems

Some people have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. These sleep disorders can range from moderate to severe. They may end naturally or time, or become a chronic problem that leads to other health issues. Sleep deprivation of course inhibits dreaming, and since dreaming is the only way your spiritual self has of communicating to you, sleep deprivation over the long term is quite serious.

Sleep problems can be caused by several things, including side effect of medication, anxiety, poor sleeping conditions, diet, lifestyle or physical discomfort.

How to avoid sleep problems

If you take medication that you think might be negatively affecting your sleep, ask your doctor for a substitute or dosage adjustment.

Anxiety can be relieved through meditation, or a consolation with a psychic reader.

Keep your bedroom slightly cooler at night for optimum sleeping conditions.

Unplug any LED lights that shine after dark in your bedroom.

Use earplugs if street noise or family conversation inhibit your sleeping.

Avoid eating anything at least one hour before bed.

Avoid exercising at least one hour before bed.

Make your bed and bedroom an oasis. Choose pillows and linens that are comfortable, in soothing colors that calm you.

Don’t rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep. Sleeping pills are addictive and inhibit dreaming. They are not conducive to a healthy spiritual self.

Avoid sugar, caffeine, and alcohol in general, but particularly in the hours leading up to bedtime.

Stay away from violent or active video games and music before bed.

Make a point to spend more time in nature. Look at beautiful scenery and breathe fresh air regularly.

Get a healthy amount of exercise, but not to the point of stress or injury.

Play a musical instrument. It’s fun and exiting.

These are all natural and healthy lifestyle choices that will ultimately lead to a restful night’s sleep full of dreaming.

If you have a good sleep and good dreams, you’ll do a good job at work and study well in school.

Dreams as Inspiration

Dreams inspire people to create, invent new things and move people toward positive change. The concept of dreams is that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Inspiration stems from your spiritual self bringing messages to you from beyond to help you create and achieve in the waking world.

Some of our most influential people have been inspired by dreams to bring positive vibes into the world.

For instance, the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles was composed by Paul McCartney entirely in a dream.

In the book “Dreamcatcher,” by Stephen King, King uses dreams to demonstrate the power of dreams to alter reality for four young boys.

By her own admission, the novel “Twilight” began in a dream that Stephanie Mayer had. Her spiritual self gave her the idea. She listened to the message and went on to great literary success.

These authors and musicians create creative work from their dreams. When they wake up, these ideas and images transition to the physical realm and just appear in their head.

How can a psychic help you interpret your dreams?

Dreams can be confounding and difficult to understand. There are psychic dream experts who spend years studying dreams and dream symbolism. It takes them years to learn everything, so it’s natural that you won’t be able to understand everything that happens in your dreams.

Yet, it’s important that you do understand your dreams. If you don’t understand your dream, it can cause emotional distress or sleeping disorder. When you have the same bad dream every night, you may feel depressed and distance yourself from other people at work, school and family members. You may try to avoid going to sleep, for fear that you’ll have that same dream again.

If you miss the messages that your soul is trying to give you, your physical self could suffer. You might miss out on important warnings or information that you need to be healthy and successful.

A psychic reading can help you understand dream symbols and interpret messages from the spirit world. Psychic readers can be the interpreter between your spiritual self and your physical, awake self.

Why Should You Have Psychic Dream Readings?

There is much to learn about yourself and your world from your dreams. It’s a wealth of knowledge that comes straight from the spiritual realm, and it belongs to you.

When you choose to have a psychic reader interpret your dreams, you are taking possession of what is rightly yours. The knowledge and insight that your true self, your soul, wants you to know. Without that knowledge and insight that a psychic dream interpreter can provide, you are missing out on treasure that belongs to you.

Call today to schedule your psychic dream interpretation. Learn what the meaning is of your dreams and the symbols they contain. Take charge of your physical world with a psychic reading today.

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