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The Best Romantic City to Meet Someone Special

It’s not just online dating that can get you the perfect mate. There is still the good, old-fashioned method of getting out there and meeting people in the real world. One of the best ways to do this is to travel. In fact, traveling has a lovely dual purpose. It is a perfect way for meeting someone new, and it also broadens your horizons, which makes you a more knowledgeable, well-rounded person.

It’s important to get out more if you want to meet someone special. Getting outside the house, and even outside the state or country, opens up endless possibilities for meeting that perfect person. Use traveling in conjunction with online dating, and you can’t miss finding the ideal person for you.

Best Romantic City - Meet someone special

Traveling is also healthy. It gives you a more active lifestyle, and it increases your self-confidence. If you travel alone every now and then, this will give you lots of confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and be a strong, independent person.

This kind of self-confidence is a highly desirable quality in potential mates. Traveling helps you cultivate it. Traveling with family and friends is fun, and you should definitely do it to share good times with them.

If you are looking for love, you really should travel alone sometimes. Being on your own, and not with other people, makes you more approachable to potential mates. This also gives you more opportunities to talk to new people and arrange to spend time with them exploring your traveling location. Your traveling should ideally include a mix of traveling with companions and going places alone. Both have their extremely positive benefits.

These are some of the best romantic cities to travel alone to if you are looking to meet someone special.

Welcome to Paris, France

What could be more romantic than spending some time in the City of Romance? Paris is known for attracting lovers from all over the world. You can also find a lover there. With all the beauty and history of the place surrounding you everywhere you go, romance is infused into the very fabric of the city.

When people are in Paris, they are automatically put in the mood for love. You can be sure if you don’t find your dream lover while you’re there, he or she will find you.

Best romantic city - Paris

Paris has a lot to offer. Not only is it full of architectural marvels and world class museums, it has some of the best restaurants in the world, and a downtown area that is vibrant with the throbbing music and lights of plenty of nightclubs. Interspersed between these things are unique little shops and cafes, where you can explore all things French, and sit and people watch while sipping your favorite drink.

With lovely parks and gorgeous scenery, all you have to do is spend some time exploring Paris on your own, and love will discover you (or vice versa).

United States of America

Miami, Florida

Miami has long been a hot place to go for a good time. A popular Spring Break destination, it is an excellent place for college students to go who are looking for love. You will find thousands of other people your age here during Spring Break, and most of them have love and romance on their minds.

Everyone hopes to find a special someone while they are kicking back during their spring vacation. With an abundance of white sand beaches and perfect surf waves on the ocean, you can soak up some rays, get involved in beach volleyball games and dance parties, and find love at the same time.

Best Romantic City-Miami

Miami is also full of exciting activities, such as venues for world class shows, sporting engagements, and tours of the famed Art Deco district. You can even watch for celebrities here, because they come to Miami a lot. You don’t have to look far, either. They’ll be on the beach, just like you, or maybe eating some fresh, local seafood in one of the many gourmet restaurants after hours.

If you love the beach and a beach lifestyle, you’ll want to find someone who loves these things, too. Miami is the perfect place to meet that person and fall in love with them.

Honolulu, Hawaii

With some of the best weather and nicest beaches in the United States, there is much to love about Honolulu. There is a reason it is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations among Americans.

This city has romance written all over it. The views of the Pacific Ocean are gorgeous, and you can see both sunrises and sunsets on the beach, depending on what side of the island you go to. If you’re ambitious, you can see both in one day, and meet others who are looking at the same thing.

Best Romantic City - Hawaii

In addition, there are numerous resorts all over the island that cater to both couples and individuals who are looking for love. Many of these resorts are beach side, and let you experience the lap of luxury while giving you perfect opportunities to speak to interesting people you see in your vicinity. The tropical paradise surroundings make everything seem more magical, and create an intoxicating, romantic island retreat.

Because Honolulu is on an island, only a limited number of people are coming and going from it at any given time. The people you meet while you’re there will probably be there long enough for you to get to know. Nightclubs and gourmet restaurants round out the offerings of places where you can go to meet the perfect mate.

Italy, Europe

Venice, Italy

Venice is renowned for its romantic atmosphere. This is the city on the water, where every street is a canal. Though the city has been sinking into the ocean for centuries, it has always been a popular tourist destination going back to at least medieval times. And, it’s never been abandoned by the natives who love it. They say every child born in Venice can swim before they can walk, and this is an accurate assumption.

The novelty of the water streets is an attraction in itself, and something you can spend hours enjoying, walking along waterside sidewalks and gazing into the shimmering surface of the rippling waves. The ancient shops that contain cafes, clothing and trinket stores (including antiques), and romantic restaurants are all worth spending time exploring.

You will be amazed at the medieval architecture that is still in use, housing these modern places of business. You may even stay in an ancient inn with features that are centuries old. If that doesn’t put you in the mood for romance, nothing will.

Take a soothing, scenic gondola ride down the canals and see Venice from a different angle. When you meet the person of your dreams there, ride with them, and lean back in your gondola, cuddled together, while your boat rower sings romantic Italian songs to you.

Florence, Italy

Italy is really a hot spot for romance. Not only is there Venice, but Florence also offers its fair share of romantic things to get you (and all the other visitors) in the mood. With tons of history everywhere you look, Florence is considered the birthplace of the medieval Renaissance. The likes of Leonardo da Vinci and other famous medieval artists worked and found inspiration here. You will, too.

So much art was produced here in medieval times that the city is full of museums and galleries to house it all. The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is also ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also one of the top cities for Italian fashion, so the natives you see will typically be decked out in gorgeous attire. When you are surrounded by all this historical glory and gorgeousness, you can’t help but feel romantic.

This is a city that just demands a lover with whom to share it. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far in Florence. Everyone here is just as in the mood for love as you will be when you see the city in all its splendor.


Quebec City, Canada

If you want the look and feel of France without leaving North America, then a trip to Quebec City is in order for you. This lovely and historic city is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec, and the second most populous city in the province, after Montreal. It has the oldest fortified city walls north of Mexico, and these have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Best Romantic City-Canada
There is also the ancient La Citadelle, which is a fort that forms part of the city walls, and is open to visits by the public. In fact, there are many historic sites, museums, and galleries in Quebec City, all celebrating the history of the city, of the Natives of the area, of France, and of the history of the French in the Americas. With a lovely mountain skyline in the distance, this is the perfect getaway for romantic encounters.

If you go in the winter, Quebec City becomes a winter wonderland, complete with high quality skiing areas, and a zoo that houses Arctic animals you’d have to cross the frozen tundra to see in the wild.

With a large, majestic, and castle-like hotel called the Chateau Frontenac dominating the city’s skyline and offering classy Victorian-era accommodations (the Chateau was built in 1893), you will be in the mood for some cuddling in Quebec City, and so will other visitors. Find them, and find your own special love.


Barcelona, Spain

Ancient Barcelona, founded by the Romans, is Spain’s second most populous city. It is also the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea. It gets a lot of visitors from around the world, and for good reason. It is magnificent.

Not only are there exquisite beaches along the Mediterranean coast, but it has a thriving night life with plenty of clubs, music, bars, dancing, and trendy restaurants to enjoy. As far as its beaches go, you really can’t go wrong with any of them, but Barcelona Beach in particular is good. It was rated as the number one municipal beach in the world

Plus, there is the deep history and beauty of the city. It has a large sector of Gothic buildings going back to the 1300’s, and eight of these buildings are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

There are ten museums showcasing everything from art to ancient artifacts of various cultures and time periods. There are sixty-eight municipal parks in town, each one with something unique to offer the intrepid visitor. Spend some time in one getting some exercise, or simply sitting and soaking up all the lovely sights and sounds of the city. Where better than to find your true love than among these wonderful things?


London, England

An ancient city going back to before the time of the Romans, London is one of the most well-known and most visited cities in the world. There is every reason to love London.

Rich in history, you can walk in the footsteps of some very famous historical people. Go to the places they went, walk through the places they lived, see the things they left behind (as well as their portraits) in museums, and even visit their final resting places (some of them even have effigies to show you what they looked like). If you like truly ancient history, the British Museum has an excellent collection of artifacts from the dawn of human civilization, including ancient Egypt.

Best Romantic City - England

As far as local ancient history goes, you can visit Stonehenge, which is at least 10,000 years old and maybe older, with just an hour and a half bus ride outside of the city. If you choose the right bus tour, you may even be allowed past the chain link fence protecting it and get to walk among the ancient stone circle’s tall members.

London is a fairy tale come to life, with all the trappings of a happily ever after story of old, surrounded by everything modern you could ever want within easy reach. Fashion, food, theater, and beauty spas….London has it all in spades. With so much to see and do there, and with so many people visiting every day, discovering the person who is meant for you is easy in this highlight of a romantic city.


Moscow, Russia

Calling up images of the Cold War of decades past, Moscow is a city of mystery and history. Though Russia is a democracy now, its Soviet past is still very much evident wherever you go. It is easy to pretend you are a Cold War spy on a secret mission behind enemy lines for your government when you go here. This makes the whole trip that much more thrilling.

While you enjoy your personal play, there are a lot of unique things to see and do. The unique architecture of Moscow has to be seen to be believed, and there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. The Russians definitely have their own style, and their ancient buildings show they always had it.

Best Romantic City - Russia

You can visit the famous Red Square, see the perfectly preserved body of Vladimir Lenin (the father of Russia’s Communist movement), and eat authentic Russian food in a variety of gourmet as well as small, family owned restaurants.

There are lots of theaters here, as Russians love their fine entertainment. You will also find museums devoted to all different kinds of things, including the museum of treasures from the Tzars of old at the Kremlin.

Most people who come to Moscow do it for the history and architecture, though there is a thriving and vibrant nightlife there, as well. If you are the type who would fall in love with Moscow, there is almost certainly someone visiting there who would fall in love with you.

South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

If you are a young, hip, single person who likes to party, Seoul, South Korea is the place for you to go to find love. This southeast Asian city is known for its crazy nightlife. It’s got nightclubs galore, crazy parties going on throughout the city, and wild, loud dance music throbbing out into the streets. People go there from around the world to experience this legendary nightlife and party with the best of them.

Whether you are drinking an insanely colored and layered cocktail at a local bar, dancing till your feet are sore to some of the craziest club music on the planet. You can join in one of the many parties going on at businesses, private homes, or in the streets, you will discover plenty of things to keep you entertained.

This is the perfect environment for someone just like you to discover you across a crowded room, decide you’re super attractive, approach you to buy you a drink or have a conversation, and fall in love in the middle of some of the wildest partying on the planet. In Seoul, it happens all the time. If this is your idea of the perfect type of romance, get your passport and go. You will love it.

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