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What Is A Psychic Listing?

Psychic Legacy creates your personalized psychic listing page so you can advertise your psychic services online. Your psychic listing consists of an online personalized profile page.  It’s a page where new clients can discover you, and where existing clients can reach out to you again. Think of your psychic listing as a two-way portal that connects you with the people you want to serve with your psychic services.

Your listing page will contain all the pertinent information about you. This includes things like your online resume or psychic portfolio. It lists your contact information, psychic skills and related work experience. Psychic Legacy creates your psychic listing so you can advertise your psychic services online.

About Me

Hi, I’m Peter.

I’m a web designer who specializes in developing dynamic psychic websites.  When you sign up for your psychic listing, I will create and design an attractive psychic listing page for you.

I had my first psychic reading when I was just 21. I was amazed to discover how a psychic could know so many things about me. There are many excellent psychics, but I chose to have continued readings with my special friend. Psychic readings help me find inner peace and my true life’s purpose. That’s why I decided to devote my web design skills to helping psychics connect with people who need help.

Because I’ve had many readings myself, I understand the world of psychics and psychic readings. I understand how important your work is to the world. You have awesome psychic powers. I have amazing web design skills. It’s a perfect match.

Psychic Legacy is a psychic network hub, with integrated call, chat and email software all available on one platform. There are two types of psychic listing features available:

peter tran awesome

Listing Plan and Pricing

Feature 1: (available now)

I will design a beautiful listing page for you when you sign up with Psychic Legacy. Clients will be able to contact you by phone and/or email. The cost of a one-year subscription is just $120. If you prefer to pay monthly, the charge is $10, billed monthly.

Feature 2 (coming soon)

Integrated call button: When customers click that call button, they can have a reading with you instantly. You’ll be able to set your call button so customers can only contact you during hours when you’re available for readings.

The Benefits of Joining Psychic Legacy

Low Cost

Psychic Legacy offers the best deal in psychic listing services. The pricing structure is very affordable at just $120 a year or $10 a month. There are no hidden costs or fees, ever.

Excellent Design

Peter has an extensive background in website design. He has chosen to use his technical and artistic skills to further your business goals as a designer. Your psychic listing page is responsive, meaning that it works great on all sizes of electronic devices, like tablets, phones and laptops.

Your customers will be able to take full advantage of all the features on your psychic listing page no matter how they are accessing the page. The listing page is an attractive design that is easy to navigate.

Peter has 15 ready to use design styles, 46 social media button styles and 2,707 pro icons.

Official Business. Real Web Designer

Peter registered website as a Psychic Legacy LLC business from the State of Oregon. He earned an Associate degree and certificate in web design; plus over 4 years of web design experience.

If you have any questions about your web page design, please email Peter at

SEO Optimized

As a professional website designer, Peter optimizes the site and all the psychic listing pages for SEO so that search engines like Google will easily and quickly find the page. With a combination of correct technical specifications and use of keywords and meta description, your Psychic Legacy listing page will appear on Google search results.

No Advertising

Psychic Legacy doesn’t place advertising on your psychic listing page. No third party ads will appear on your listing page. Your customers won’t have to deal with auto-play videos, pop ups, or other advertisements.  Your Psychic Legacy listing page is all about you, not about selling services to some other third-party vendor.

No Contract, No Commitment

At Psychic Legacy, you aren’t locked into any contract. There is no contract to sign, and you can cancel anytime.

You Tube Videos Can Be Integrated

If you have YouTube videos that are relevant to your psychic services, they can be integrated into your Psychic Legacy psychic listing

46 Social Media Styles

Choose among 46 social media share button styles to share your psychic listing page.

See 46 social media styles

Promote Your Amazon Products and Private Online Courses

Are you the author of several books on Amazon? You can advertise them in your listing.

Do you offer private online courses ? You can advertise them in your listing.

Complementary Facebook Promotion

Your listing will appear on the official Psychic Legacy Facebook page.

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